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Meet the team

Welcome to the MSN Entertainment channel, where we're passionate about entertainment too. It is one of the most popular Entertainment channels in the UK, with independent figures stating the channel receives over 2.6 million users per month (Comscore April 2013).

The channel carries a range of subjects including; Celebrity, Movies, Music and TV. In addition to our own content, we operate a number of partnerships with leading companies to provide our users with trustworthy services in a range of different areas, including Channel 4 for video and the Press Association up to the minute news.

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Meet the other channel teams

Lorna Cooper - TV Editor

Lorna Cooper

Lorna started out her career in radio, working for London's youth market, dance music station Kiss 100. While there, she produced the Max & Dave Rap Show and contributed movie features to the magazine show 'The Word', including interviews with Samuel L Jackson, Pam Grier and Sandra Bullock. After that, she moved over to Auntie Beeb to work on London's GLR (as it was then), co-presenting 'On Screen', a round-up of the best on TV and cinema.

What entertains me...
Lorna's TV faves are any series from the 70s and 80s, and boasts her ultimate viewing pleasure as Dallas. Other shows Coops likes to put her feet up and watch entire box sets of are Cheers, Mash and Taxi.

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James Hurley - Music Editor

James Hurley

Born with a rare condition leaving him permanently looking upwards and to the right, James refuses to allow his affliction to ruin his life. Hypnotherapy looked like a possible solution but the 'look into my eyes' bit proved to be a frustrating experience for all concerned. Starting out in online editorial back in 1999, James then enjoyed a two-year stint writing borderline offensive email newsletters for a well-known internet travel company. In between ASA hearings, he somehow managed to win an award for this. He has been MSN's Music Editor since September 2005.

What entertains me...
Starting out with the quasi-religious belief that no good music had been made after the year he was born (1975), his tastes have since broadened from the initial holy trinity of The Rolling Stones, The Doors, and Jimi Hendrix to encompass everything from Alphabeat to The Knife to Dragonforce. Well, maybe not Dragonforce.

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Lucy Mapstone - Celebrity Editor

Lucy Mapstone

Lucy has been following celebrity news since she could read, and used to spend her childhood pocket money on magazines to keep up with the gossip. When she logged on to the internet about13 years ago, she became a bit of a computer geek, so the Celebrity Editor role suits her perfectly.

What entertains me...
Lucy is a complete comedy addict, especially sitcoms, stand-up, and movies. She'll watch an entire Family Guy box set followed by a Jim Carrey classic, and still crave more laughter. She is also attached to her earphones 24/7, listening to a variety of tunes, including Michael Jackson, Muse and Dizzee Rascal.

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Sarah Wiggerham - Entertainment Web Producer


Coming straight out of school Sarah got straight into a web job working for a small local magazine where she ran their website, from there she moved to Tiscali and then on to TalkTalk. Always having a passion for entertainment and web she landed her ideal role of Entertainment producer here at MSN. Sarah's hobbies include playing the Ukulele (which she claims not well) going to Summer festivals and gigs and watching full box sets of Family Guy and Friends re-runs.

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Emma Roberts - Entertainment editor

Emma Roberts

Emma studied Multi Media Journalism at Bournemouth University. Before landing the Entertainment Intern role at MSN, Emma was a financial reporter for Lovemoney.com and she has also dabbled in newspaper reporting, radio and television.

What entertains Emma

Emma is a self-confessed US TV show junkie. Her favourite fix is Dexter and she's been known to watch a whole season in a single day. She also can't get enough of The Winchester brothers of Supernatural fame and loves Heroes (yes, even seasons 2 and 3.) She's not one to turn down a scandalous episode of Desperate Housewives or Ugly Betty either. Emma is also a bit of a secret game geek and has been playing video games since the days of the humble SNES. She's a die hard Nintendoid and her favourite games include Donkey Kong Country and Banjo Kazooie.

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