12/10/2012 17:09
Michael Jackson's children hit red carpet with La Toya

Paris, Prince Michael and Blanket with their auntie La Toya Jackson

Paris, Prince Michael and Blanket with their auntie La Toya Jackson
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Michael Jackson's children spent their younger days covered up and hidden away from the press, but now they seem perfectly comfortable in the limelight.

Paris, Prince Michael and young Blanket attended the launch of a drinks event with their auntie La Toya in tow - we can't believe how much they've grown!

13/10/2012 09:34
Like to know how a black man can produce very white looking kids.....
13/10/2012 09:44
Am I the only person who thinks Jacko wasn't their biological dad? I'd put any money on the 'father' being an anonymous sperm donation. Poor children...
13/10/2012 11:28
What is every body Jealous or something, so much hatred... These kids have gone through a lot. IT is not their fault! I dont feel sorry for them, I envy them. Their father was the KING of pop! Beautiful kids...
13/10/2012 09:10
Paris and Prince Michael are  young adults .there teenagers.  Paris is  beautiful .must take after her mother .
13/10/2012 09:18
Lovely looking kids.  Hope they haven't been mentally scarred by their strange upbringing.  Shame about the name Blanket!
13/10/2012 08:41

Using his kids to promote a drink? cheap. Blanket don't look to happy and I hope they're not going to be used by their family as a way and means of making money.


13/10/2012 03:45

Is La Toya smiling or scared, too much surgery.

13/10/2012 10:13
If that's Blanket looking comfortable then I'm seriously worried for him!!  The poor child looks as if he'd rather be anywhere else, and I'm not sure that the others look ecstatic, either.  They are wearing 'smile for the camera' faces and I feel so sorry for them all.
13/10/2012 10:11

Paris was asked to pose for this photo. watch the video of this event if you dont believe me. not saying that they dont love eachother, just that your captions are a bit silly.

13/10/2012 09:50
they all look lovely children.i cannot see much of michael in them though but he did have lots of plastic surgery.i hope they make something of their lives and happy in what they do
13/10/2012 09:01

normal .i don't think so not in my world  .blanket looks as if he wished he was somewhere else,anyway what is normal ????????. we have our normal world and they have theirs,


13/10/2012 10:16
Blanket?  Is this the American equivalent of the ridiculous names English slappers give to their kids. La Toya looks like Michael Jackson in drag. Obviously had the same surgeon
13/10/2012 02:39
I can't believe she hasn't had all the same facial joinery Jacko had.
13/10/2012 09:16

Wow most beautiful children, so sad Michael is not around, He would be the proudest dad. God bless him and RIP

Faz-R, London

13/10/2012 03:31
I don't know who your paying to design your website but your slideshow images are flashing and you make grammatical mistakes constantly. Maybe you should hire someone who knows what they are doing.  
13/10/2012 01:26
i can't believe how much they've grown!
The third one from the left looks most like him
13/10/2012 10:10
are you actually for real?! look at the little ones face- how can you POSSIBLY conclude that the child is comfortable? he looks like hes about to cry to me!!
and by the way, Michael Jackson is the KING of Pop- not the prince!
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