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Myleene Klass opens up about husband leaving her

Myleene Klass (© Rex)

Myleene Klass was the centre of headlines in April this year when her husband of seven months (and partner for 11 years) Graham Quinn left her. The couple, who have two young daughters together, became the source of speculation surrounding their relationship and TV presenter and classical pianist Myleene has waited until now to talk about the harrowing experience.

"I thought Gray [Graham] and I were so happy," she told You magazine.

"I had just walked down the aisle, so of course I didn't see it coming - I hadn't even got my wedding dress back from the cleaners.

"When it first happened and I was in the middle of the storm I was just so very, very hurt. I felt I would sooner have taken a bullet. Actually, at the beginning, every morning when I woke up, I thought I had taken a bullet to my heart."

Myleene and Gray married in October last year in a secret ceremony with fewer than 20 guests and, having been together for over a decade previously, it seemed like a perfect match made in heaven.

The couple met in 2001 when he was a bodyguard for Hear'Say, the pop group that made Myleene famous. They became engaged in 2005 and have two daughters together, Ava and Hero.

"I thought I had taken a bullet to my heart."

Myleene, who has also starred in the famous Marks & Spencers adverts, also admitted that she 'grieved' the end of her relationship.

"Your love for someone isn't a tap - you can't switch it on and off. It hurts. There were days when I didn't want to get out of bed and my mum would say to me, 'It's OK, you are just grieving.' And she was right - it is a kind of grief, a grief that you have to work through."

She has also explained how she got over those initial difficult days - in the sanctity of her friends and her daughters.

"I remember [Lauren Laverne] knocking on my door one day and walking in and putting a big tub of ice cream with two spoons on the table and saying to me "Talk and eat!" My friends were like my backbone when I didn't feel I had one. I am so appreciative that they all let me talk, talk, talk," she explained.

And, despite everything she's been through - the end of a long-term relationship, her daughters' father leaving the family home and having it all played out under the media spotlight - Myleene remains positive for the future.

"I don't want to sound like Oprah but no person should be able to take away your ability to love and trust," she said. "I will always love but I don't think I will ever again give anyone the power to destroy my trust."

14/10/2012 13:27
She can still have me, if she plays her cards right.
14/10/2012 13:59

Let him go wiast of space no one puts the efort in any more.

Try 32 years and counting

14/10/2012 14:12
How unfair and unfeeling are most of the previous comments. Heavens above, after 11years together the lucky man should have known whether he wanted an enduring relationship. Two sides to every story of course but I have nothing but contempt for such a seemingly cruel and uncaring man.
14/10/2012 16:18

Many of us have survived the exact same situation and I applaud Myleene's dignity.  Wishing you well hun xx.


14/10/2012 15:19
So the 'til death do us part' bit was meaningless then? Why get married at all if your not 100% sure you want to be with someone for the rest of your life. Poor woman :(
14/10/2012 15:47

Why on earth do these media-obsessed people feel the need to tell everyone everything about themselves? Aside of course from the on-going publicity, the money, the job prospects..............blah blah. Why should I have the merest interest in someone else's relationship problems? I've had enough of my own thanks, no-one wanted to know about them and I wasn't going to tell anyone anyway.

If you've got a relationship problem, keep it between the two of you - the rest of us don't give a tuppenny damn.

14/10/2012 14:46
We're none still the wiser - probably, thankfully so - as to why he left her. Was there another woman (his, I mean, not her and Lauren Laverne), or was the wedding just a failed attempt to patch over long-standing problems?
14/10/2012 23:54
It doesn`t say why but that is none of our business. Seems though that Gray is a complete idiot walking out on his wife who appears to love him dearly. Then there are the little girls, what kind of man walks out on his little girls. I can`t imagine.
14/10/2012 15:19
23/04/2013 23:47

I expected more comments for 'opening up about her split'.

14/10/2012 17:54
Sorry but calling your son 'hero' is nothing short of child abuse!!
15/10/2012 11:18
No matter how fine a woman, there is always a guy somewhere bored of shagging her. 
14/10/2012 12:43
Perhaps he got fed up of the fact that the only places that he could see  her was either on the TV, on the front of a magazine or newspaper basically anywhere but home. I know i got sick of the sight of her in these places perhaps if she'd been at home more instead of persuing fame so relentlessy he might not have left the home she was never in. To be honest I still get sick of the sight of her and wish that she would stop at home for a bit.
14/10/2012 17:50

Now  let's  hear  his  side  of  the  story.


Maybe   he  got  fed  up  with  her  egotistical  personality.


She  was  everywhere, felt  like  there  was  no  getting  away from  her.


As  for  loyalty.... well,  she  was  dumped  by  M & S  and  is  now  in  another clothes company  adverts.

14/10/2012 17:55

She went ahead with the marriage even though their relationship was rocky, thinking that that would bring them together - like having kids to save a failing marriage!


I think that having these people continually thrust in front of us day in day out, spouting about everything in their lives, seems to make them think that their self inflicted problems are more important than everyone else's woes.  If it were genuine and not yet another publicity grab, I would sympathise, but she really should, as my Gran would say, buck up and get on with it!

14/10/2012 18:27
Her Daughter is called Hero she has no son's just 2 daughters..

Sad as it is, it happens everyday out there in "real world", why do "celebs" think they have the monopoly on heartbreak?

14/10/2012 12:38
Could any man compete with this Mega Divas Ego .

Erm, she's been gone for ages and now suddenly she's all over the tv and appearing here? She must have one hell of an agent or maybe in one of the best secret handshake gangs to survive like this.



...fao : my lean class...he was probably just after half yer cash...maybe yer not his type...maybe he wants someone better lookin` (joke!)...one has to bounce @ times such as this...u have to pray,several times a day...u must play yer violin every day...life begins again @ forty...theres more to life than men...there are places that can help...1 in 3 marriages are breaking down...theres plenty more fish in the sea...u`ll find yer niche...next time have a son,eh! ~ (blah,blah,blah...) ...
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