04/01/2012 16:50
New celebrity couples

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis

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It's new year, new romance for these two Hollywood hotties! Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis have been inseparable over the last few weeks after they both had complicated break-ups last year - Olivia divorced filmmaker Tao Ruspoli (the son of a prince) and the Horrible Bosses star broke up with Mad Men's January Jones.

Olivia was linked to Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds in 2011 so we're glad she's finally settled with Jason. Which other stars are also in the first flushes of love? Find out in our photo gallery...

01/12/2011 16:40

Here's as a good a place as any to comment about Clarkson. We're forbidden to do so on the actual page.

If anyone is to be sacked it should be the person who 'booked' his appearance on LIVE prime time telly. You know what you're getting with Jeremy Clarkson so nobody should be the least bit surprised when he, yet again, ruffles a few feathers.

Honestly, there seems to be just shy of five thousand complaints about what he said which is laughable. The majority of those 5000 will be bandwagon jumpers. It would have been more worrying to hear (for example) David Cameron say what was said, but Clarkson ? Do me a favour. His program is a huge moneyspinner for the Beeb so they won't be seeking his head to roll. He, on the other hand, was seeking publicity for his new DVD out now just in time for Christmas. Job done. Well done Jeremy.

01/12/2011 14:11

Whoopee.. earth shattering news indeed.... I see hairsprays and makeup compacts at fifty paces.. WHO THE HELL CARES ?



01/12/2011 21:07
lol christ this is what the world has come to!!! to nobodies dating who gives a **** give it a year and they would have fallen out of the public eye....when simon cowl dumps them for the next best thing!!!
Oh dear. What poor timing. That's probably decimated half of Little Mix's votes as their fans tend to like their boyband idols 'unattainable'...
02/12/2011 01:25
D Iosha,
I completely agree with you.  If anyone should be "shot" it is Jeremy himself.  He made the laughable comment that "the rest of us have to work for a living".  He drives around in cars for obscene amounts of money making crass, offensive statements.  He classes this as work?  There are thousands of people who would gladly do his job for peanuts and do a better job of it.  The man is a complete fool and needs to learn to engage his brain before he opens his ugly mouth.

01/12/2011 14:48
needs to keep it in his pants and have a rest or test
01/12/2011 22:17
what,s this new promotion for 1 direction cos there muisic is not saying it for them total crap Sarcastic
14/12/2011 16:07

this woman is a complete idiot. Two more kids? Are you insane? How about looking after the four you have instead of being off your **** on coke and god knows what else.

Like to say i am sure she is a lovely woman really but i hate lying so i cant.


Kerry K- please stop pushing your sad, media attention seeking life upon us. Just go away and look after your kids.

01/12/2011 18:03
hey Frank i can see your point but i would prefer to ignore anything Clarkson says  as i think he is the biggest waste of oxygen in the world.In a time when people are struggling  to feed their families all he does is drive the best cars bought  by us and take the **** on the hard working public sector employees.
13/12/2011 15:40
wat a waste ov space this drug addict iz
27/12/2011 16:56
Joseph Gordon-Levitt , Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling & Taylor Kinney are freaking hot guys...
I knew those couples except JGL & Scarlett Johansson. That one kinda surprised me...

It should have been...
JGL and Zooey Deschanel
Scarlett and Reynolds stay together
Gosling and Rachel McAdams stay together.
And Taylor Kinney... someone other than Lady Gaga... Why would he choose Lady Gaga?
Anyways... I should be a matchmaker.

01/12/2011 20:00
05/12/2011 18:55
Well i like both bands and think that Perrie should have gone for Liam or Harry but thats just me sayin as i'm going out with a midget who is my age and apparantly i could have done better
04/02/2012 19:03
Taylor Williams looks a mite p1ssed off in pic#13! Wink
01/12/2011 21:50

Perrie's hot and can do a lot better than any member of One Dimension


01/12/2011 14:09
05/12/2011 19:22
i lov zayn and perry aagghhh lov em...xx

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