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New celebrity couples including Kerry Katona's engagment

The latest celebrity romance news: Kerry Katona and George Kay are engaged

Kerry Katona and George Kay (© Rex)
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Kerry Katona, lately seen on ITV2 as part of The Big Reunion, has announced that she’s engaged to former rugby league player George Kay.

The Mirror reports that he proposed to her at the top of Blackpool Tower; who needs France's Eiffel Tower (a popular proposal spot) when you've got Blackpool?

The Atomic Kitten star had no idea what was coming, but her four children were in on the secret; it was daughter Molly that handed her the diamond and gold engagement ring.

Kerry told the paper: “I’m thrilled but a bit overwhelmed by it all. I was totally in shock about it, especially as I knew nothing, but my girls knew what was going on. There were roses and champagne and George got down on one knee. It was the most romantic thing in the world. I am so happy.”

George and Kerry met when he became her bodyguard. She was previously married to Westlife's Brian McFadden (2002–2006) and Mark Croft (2007–2011). Let's hope this is third time lucky.

27/09/2012 15:44

Blimey she gets about! Hope he's more interesting in real life than he is on telly.


01/09/2012 20:38
Is it me or does Russell Brand really look like something out of a B movie horror flic?
13/07/2012 18:16

Taking back a violent partner? A leopard never changes its spots no matter how much they say they will. I only hope for the sake of the child they split up so the child doesn’t have to witness anything

27/09/2012 16:23
Yuk!!....Who give a toss what that rubber face does, he's an awful presenter with no personality and when he was on the breakfast show, put me right off my breakfast.!! Anyone noticed that he is a cross between Rowan Atkinson and Benny Hill.?......Get him off our screens.!!
27/09/2012 17:15
Brings loads of hope to ugly guys like me!
27/09/2012 14:23
For christ sake........don' let them have any kids!!!!
27/09/2012 14:43

Chiles was the original  model for Toby jugs   and Katherine Tate isnt funny ,,,,,but she must have a sense of humour if she finds him attractive

27/09/2012 14:44
He is real barrel of laughs waking up to him on TV in the morning is bad enough but in the bed next to you pass the bucket!


27/09/2012 16:17
she could do a lot better the man is a toser.
27/09/2012 14:07

he must bore her t+ts off with his drainy voice she could always morph into nan .. '-)




27/09/2012 16:26
Very surprised I credited her with more taste obviously I was wrong Chiles really does have the yuck factor .
06/12/2012 20:56

Jordan/Gavin Henson so called couple....


In your article you state "Fair to say - he pulled!!!!


More like snared if you ask me.


They will date, they will part, they will sell their story......Blah blah blah....yawn!!!


Then it will start all over again with another chap...double yawn!!!

14/05/2012 16:46
I have never heard of either of them too. Though he clearly looks gay.
28/09/2012 09:58
If there is no alternative to watching football other than ITV I turn the sound down as soon as he comes on, he spoils the programme and the footie for me!

a fat boring brummie with a face like a welders bench ...who makes fellow brummie gary lineker even more interesting than a dead wasp.sat side by side and a ginger munter who's as funny as a morgue...and this is news is it.....ffs

My local grocers just put 2 more loaves on his shelf...for consumers...sorry to inform you....i thought id tell everyone seeing as its as interesting as those pair of cu.ts

27/09/2012 16:16
27/09/2012 14:48
From Jason Orange to Adrian Chiles....Boy she is really going places! lol
28/09/2012 08:24

Catherine has certainly had a variety of partners in the very recent past. You are a busy girl Catherine!!!!  How about recording CHANGING PARTNERS.....would seem more than appropriate ****

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