28/07/2012 00:18

Olympics Opening ceremony: What the celebs were saying on Twitter!

We've pulled together the best and the funniest tweets from our favourite celebrities who posted on Twitter during the Opening ceremony.

David Walliams (© PA)

David Walliams, who took part in the Olympic torch relay, tweeted during the ceremony

Danny Boyle: Thank you everyone, for your kind words. Means the world to me #London2012. Proud to be British.

Piers Morgan: Sir Tim Berners-Lee - great touch. #InterBackOfTheNet

David Walliams: People's Republic of Congo were stuck in the loo and missed their turn so unfortunately they have to start this whole parade thing again.

Tom Hiddleston: Well done Danny Boyle! Chapeau, good show & bravo! Very proud to be British tonight. Dizzee & Akram Khan were perfect. It was GREAT.

Maria Fowler: Beckham is just too much. I cannot comprehend how a man can be that beautiful omg.

Lewis Hamilton: Yes, very proud to be British, so proud of what we have achieved together. Smash it Team GB!!!

Christian O'Connell: TAXI for Trevor Nelson. IT'S BEEN WAITING FOR AGES.

Conan O'Brien: Mitt Romney is at the Olympics. Mitt said he loves watching people from other countries work for no money.

John Bishop: God bless the drummers. I would be knackered by now!!!!

Katie Weasel (parody Katie Waissel Twitter): I for one will be very disappointed if Kerry Katona doesn't light the Olympic cauldron tonight.

Denise Van Outen (© PA)

Denise Van Outen also tweeted during the Opening ceremony

Mitch Winehouse: I didn't know Amy was going to be on the Olympics. So proud.

Denise Van Outen: WE WANT THE SPICE GIRLS @EmmaBuntonxxx

Stephen Mangan: British things not represented tonight: queuing, red swirly pub carpets, passive-aggression and unexplained items in the bagging area.

Sinitta: Loved the close-up of Prince Charles and Camilla giggling. Beautiful.

Kitty Brucknell: Seeing all these countries makes me want to go on holiday.

Natalie Cassidy: Had a wee. Checked on my baby. Emptied dishwasher. We're still on T.

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Jodie Marsh supporting the Olympics and Team GB from the beach in the Caribbean: "One for Team GB"
28/07/2012 08:34
Gosh MORE david wallams ( or hovever its speelt)
Computer says NO david.  less is more.  when you see the bandwagon rolling down your street
resist resist resist.
big fish small [pond and all that.   Yes we know you can swim

28/07/2012 07:18
Who really cares about these B list Celebs,Oh look I am at the olympics so fecking what
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