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Peaches Geldof and Katie Hopkins have lively parenting debate on This Morning

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Peaches Geldof and Katie Hopkins on This Morning

Katie Hopkins has appeared on This Morning yet again to discuss her views on the subject of parenting, and this time she had to face fellow celebrity mother Peaches Geldof, who has a different approach to raising her own children: using a method known as attachment parenting.

The tension between the two had built up before they even sat on the sofa together, ranting on Twitter about each other ahead of their appearance on the ITV show.

It kicked off the day before their TV debate when Katie – who is famous for her controversial views on all matters concerning raising children – tempted Peaches into a verbal boxing match on Twitter when she posted: “Today she is Peaches. Tomorrow she is jam.”

Peaches Geldof and Katie Hopkins on This Morning (© Rex)

Peaches Geldof and Katie Hopkins on This Morning

The daughter of Bob Geldof, however, refused to respond directly to the former Apprentice star.

“I don't even want to reply to Katie Hopkins' desperate, incessant tweeting because it feeds her insatiable lust for recognition,” Peaches posted.

She then referenced the infamous image of herself with her son Astala whose pushchair fell over and happened to be caught on camera, after Katie re-posted it on the social networking site with a comment about her fondness for attachment parenting.

“However her posting low blows like a picture of my son falling from his pram when I tripped over a crack in a pavement has warranted at least a few responses from me.”

She added: “I wouldn't be surprised if she had a shrivelled old pair of balls under that 1980s sloaney tweed skirt.”

Katie had originally written that Peaches “likes attachment parenting until her baby is on the pavement”.

So it was with great tension between them that they sat opposite This Morning's presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield to discuss their opposing views on attachment parenting, a technique that often causes debate in the parenting world.

Peaches recently confessed that she sleeps in a separate bed to husband Tom Cohen so she can sleep with her two children, a method that Katie labelled “crap parenting”.

Sticking up for the practice, Peaches said: “It’s been going on for generations, since mothers were in caves with their babies in caves. They didn’t have strollers. I push my son in one.”

Katie retorted: “Sort of. Out of a stroller. Little accident with the stroller. She likes attachment parenting until the baby’s on the floor on the pavement.”

Katie Hopkins' tweet about Peaches Geldof's parenting technique (© Katie Hopkins Twitter)

Katie Hopkins' tweet about Peaches Geldof's parenting technique

This Morning's host Phillip quickly jumped to Peaches’ defence: “No, everyone can have an accident,” he said.

“Every single mother has had a baby fall from the bed, out of a pram,” Peaches continued. “Most people have done that.”

Phillip then agreed with the 24-year-old, saying that he has had similar things happen with his daughter, to which Katie rebutted: “You probably weren’t on the phone though, were you, Phillip?”

“At least I’m there for my children and not slagging them off in the press, Katie,” Peaches bit back. She then went on to discuss why she chooses attachment parenting, which involves a “loose feeding schedule” but a “really strict bedtime because there are boundaries”.

Katie dismissed Peaches’ claims about the benefits of such a parenting style: “It’s all a bit ‘knit your own Birkenstocks’ for me. AP is just one step away from CR-AP parenting.”

She went on: “I think it’s really important that mums are mums and that they are in control. AP parents think it’s important that you’re there straight away if the baby cries. But I think it’s important to see that, as a mother, you put baby down to sleep and if they want to cry, then they should go for it.”

Katie ended the argument with a quick and concise view on the whole thing: “Attachment parents are crap parents.”

After their heated debate, Peaches shared a picture of herself with Katie in the ITV studio on her Instagram page, with the 38-year-old failing to raise a smile after their TV debate.

“I think we all know who won. She was quaking in her Sloanie old boots. The panto witch finally met her match,” Peaches wrote along with the snap.

She also added on Twitter: “Just saw the Hopkins exiting the This Morning studios with her tail between her legs and a traumatised expression on her face. Finally!!”

“Think I just said to Katie Hopkins live on This Morning what the whole of Britain wants to say to her. YOU LOSE, sucka!!!!”

12/11/2013 16:59
Just look at the look on her face, the pathetic old power hag!  It's about time somebody put her in her place.  Well done Peaches <33
12/11/2013 19:08
I cannot understand why they are giving this "Katie Hopkins" air time  as it is plain to see she is just wanting to be "famous". 

I would of thought that perhaps she stood a better chance by not winding everyone up. Obviously she just wants to "make a name for herself" as her time on the Apprentice is over and she still wants to be in the limelight. Shame on you Katie Hopkins.
12/11/2013 19:04
Peaches was brilliant, held her own all the way through with valid, constructive and REAL comments. Katie was proper invading her space the whole time, i would have had to slap her one!!
12/11/2013 19:22
why do this morning keep giving katie airtime. she should be ashamed of herself and I feel sorry for her kids. she is a vile human being who comments are disgusting and completely incorrect. any child that is given love and security from their loved ones can achieve and become what ever they want.  
12/11/2013 19:13
Does anybody really care what these people have to say about anything? Parenting is certainly more complex that many people imagine and is normally an activity performed during the very busy years of their lives and they only know if they have done it correctly by looking at the end result. Often it has to take second place to other things like working to provide shelter, heat and food so the end game is rather unpredictable.
12/11/2013 18:18
The kids are gonna grow up whatever you do. Best to give 'em lots of tlc. They'll go to sleep when they're tired and eat when they're hungry.
12/11/2013 19:10
I know who i would rather have as my mother and its not some miserable looking dried up hag.  Would you want Ms Hopkins turning up at your parents evening if you were a kid? Dont know who she is but if she was on the Apprentice she would probably teach her kids to cheat in the egg and spoon race just to get ahead.
12/11/2013 19:30
Just watched it on YouTube. Kate Hopkins, what a rude and obnoxious person. Hope her children don't grow up to be like her!
12/11/2013 19:19
Why do you insist on giving this Katie Hopkins so much publicity? She is pointless and I have no interest in what she says or does.
12/11/2013 20:27
i am 62 year old man and i brought my three kids up from a very young age 4 7 9 when my wife left us without any help from anyone they have all grown up as brilliant human beings and very caring and loving parents  and between them have given me 6 wonderfull grandchildren with another on the way ages between 20years old to the youngest at 9years and the point i am making is everyone brings their children up the way they see fit as long as you give them love and are there to talk to when they have something importent to say sometimes its the most trivial think like splitting up with there first boyfriend/girlfriend something they laugh about now but then it was the end of the world and they needed to talk NOW not when i had time in 20 mins or so because 20 mins later will be to late always make time for your kids when they want time  
12/11/2013 19:18
Lets be serious, why the hell is that witch getting any airtime talking total crap, its great to see peaches tearing into her and your right peaches, im sure i saw her dried shriveled up balls hanging out of her skirt. lol
12/11/2013 19:48
If Peaches is going to sleep with her kids then her marriage is going to suffer, so dont neglect your husband girl. Kids dont need picking up everytime they cry or rushing to the doctor at the first cough. They will fall, they will cut themselves and accidents will happen as for AP its a load of bo****ks . We have been growing from childhood to adulthood long before all these books by people who probably never even had a child. Give them love, feed them healthily and they will grow to return your love. A little smack never did anyone any harm either, it teaches right from wrong, something thats missing today.
12/11/2013 19:39
Why the hell does this morning keep having this flipping woman, why give her any air time.
12/11/2013 17:49

Isn't it funny how people think their opinion is THE way, lol.

There is a lot I disagree with, but I don't go shouting it out on telly like I have discovered a FACT.

For anyone who'd like to know my belief read on:

If they are your kids, you raise them, when they become our/my problem then our/my kids will sort them out :)

If you truly love them, raise them to not need sorting out :)

12/11/2013 19:27
This Morning are doing it just to gain ratings. They and everyone know what she's like and hate her just as equally......but why still do they bring this nasty attention grabbing specimen on the show???????????????RATING!! Phillip, Holly and the producers are to blame!!!
12/11/2013 19:21

well done girl for seeing off the fame hungry junky , old sourpuss really needs a proper job ... oh I forgot she works for the SUN LOL hahahahahaha 


12/11/2013 19:22
should have kicked her in the balls.

Why is it in this life of Humankind there will always be '****' like Katie who cannot resist telling other people how to live their lives and what they must do,


12/11/2013 19:31
12/11/2013 19:41

At least the Geldof woman was born into it and will be part of the media circus. Whereas the other one seems to court any kind of self publicity. Hence, she seems extreme as otherwise no one would ask her. Being normal and nice - when you've nothing else to offer - isn't what TV studio couches require.


I think being called Peaches makes it hard enough to be taken at all seriously. Whereas, ordinary name Katie Hopkins works at an image.


Not for me.

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