21/04/2012 17:55 | By Lucy Mapstone, editor, MSN Celebrity

Peaches Geldof welcomes first child

She has recently been spotted out and about enjoying her first pregnancy with fiancé Thomas Cohen, and now it appears the big day has finally arrived: Peaches Geldof has become a mum.

Peaches Geldof (© Rex)

Peaches Geldof has become a mother

The news was broken on Twitter by Peaches' ex-boyfriend Fred MacPherson congratulating them on their happy news.

"Congratulations @tomfromscum and @peaches_g - all my thoughts are with the three of you today. <3," he tweeted.

Peaches also sent a message via Twitter to her fans, confirming her baby joy.

"Yes, its true- I'M A MUMMY!!!!," she wrote.

"My little boy is the most beautiful thing in this world. When he holds @tomfromscum's finger with his hand its the sweetest thing ever. X," she added.

Peaches and Thomas, who is in the band S.C.U.M, have been together since December 2010 and became engaged a year later.

The model and socialite, 23, confirmed back in January that she was pregnant with a boy and that her due date was 24 April, the same day as her mother Paula Yates' birthday, who tragically died when she was just 41 from a heroin overdose.

"It was amazing for me when they told me that, very emotional and touching and just really beautiful. I was so happy," she told Hello magazine.

"I feel like it's a little wink from my mum; her way of sending a message to let me know that she's watching over me and my baby."

However, it appears the little boy was eager to come out a few days early!

Peaches Geldof and Thomas Cohen (© Rex)

Peaches and Thomas were often spotted out together during her pregnancy

If Peaches has stuck with her original name choice for her new son, he will be called Astala Dylan Willow Cohen-Geldof. She originally said she wanted the name Astala for her son because she found it "obscure".

Despite having a somewhat troubled history including drug use, an unsuccessful marriage by age 20 and a topsy-turvy career (including Peaches' infamous sacking from Ultimo when nude pictures of her were made public), it appears the young daughter of Bob Geldof has finally settled down - we've never seen her look happier than when she was pregnant and spending time with Thomas.

Congratulations to the new parents!

21/04/2012 18:33

Wonderful news Peaches.  Your mum will be watching and I bet your dad is so happy for you xxxxx


22/04/2012 13:14

Our cat also gave birth to 6 kittens ...why it isnt in the news?


21/04/2012 22:11
with all due respect guys, but are you kidding me???? i understand that every single person may not like every other person but this is going a bit far. personally i dont know peaches and im guessing you dont either but she has just had a little  boy and each one of u has not got it in you to say congrats? please tell me what she personally done to u? this has got nothing at all to do with her dad son or fiance. i dont know much about her but im sure she doesnt deserve all the nasty things said about her! a bit too far like!
22/04/2012 10:46
Peaches Geldof, famous for all the wrong reasons, drug use, married and divorced faster than a two week honeymoon, body tattoo's that resemble the walls of a derelict public toilet, no actual talent or work ethic. Once the child is around 5, it's intelligence should be on par with it's Mother.
22/04/2012 18:24
This is just a hunch but I bet  the following will happen:

1. They split
2. The kid will grow up screwed up

The end.

21/04/2012 18:41

This is good news for Sir Bob Geldolf i bet he is really happy i hope Peaches settles down

now and be sensible.

22/04/2012 00:33

So what if she has 10 kids!...at least they won't be sponging off the state - unlike the growing number of lazy gits just knocking 'em out to get on the housing list!

22/04/2012 15:02
Another nobody "celebrity" and another ridiculous name given to a baby. Agree with Veronica Martin - poor kid in later life.
N K. congratulations to your cat and kittens-hope all are well
21/04/2012 23:15
Boring,boring,boring. If it wasn't for daddy she'd be a nobody!
22/04/2012 15:00
What a rubbish name. Why don't they think of that poor baby. Dylan is much better.
22/04/2012 11:26

Lovely news for Peaches


BUt considering how she has said she hates her unusual name, I hope she considers how a boy will feel being called ASTALA and WILLOW . He can hopefully use his second name Dylan.


 His father is Thomas, his grandfather Robert , Paul after her mother Paula . good names.


I do wish parents would consider how a child will feel about their given name when they start school. The playground can be a cruel place.

22/04/2012 00:05
mark u have missed my entire point. its nothing to do with other women giving birth for hundreds of years, yes i agree but m,y point is people are slagging this girl off. and for what?i would be so hurt if i had just gve birth and seen loads of people slagging me off. its really nasty. is society that bad that we reduce other people to tears with nasty comments?
22/04/2012 17:45

So what ?


Lets see some photos of the viewers kittens instead. Atleast they are entertaining !!!

22/04/2012 06:11

Bon Geldofs career was dead & buried until live aid came along to resurrect it. He seems to have done very well out of the situation, with his honorary knighthood etc.


Who gives a crap and how is this news? Peaches Geldof is only famous because of her parents. She is otherwise talentless. Surely Msn there must be something better to write about?
22/04/2012 16:05

Completely agree - this is not news and is not even news worthy.  Genuine news reporting has declined in the UK generally  - not just on MSN - so come on MSN buck up !


PS:  Congratulations to n k (volkov) - hope cat and kittens are doing well Open-mouthed

N K I hope your cat and her kittens are doing well and hope them the best!
21/04/2012 19:34
well the kid wont go short of cash,bobs got enough left over from the money he ripped off from LIVE AID
22/04/2012 10:20
These so called (celebs) being congratulated and media refering to them as having their lives turned round for the better???  It's only due to the fact that they hide from lime light till about 7 months when bump brings mgazine deals. Crap! Once baby is born, they return back to thier slack old ways!!! Poor kids I say.Sick
22/04/2012 02:35
Peaches has certainly had her moments, but hope she settles down now. Congratulations to them both!
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