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Peaches Geldof's mum Paula Yates led troubled and tragic life in the spotlight

Peaches Geldof posted a childhood image of her with her mother, Paula Yates, a day before she died. (© Instagram-Peaches Geldof)

Peaches Geldof posted a childhood image of her with her mother, Paula Yates, a day before she died.

Following the sudden death of Peaches Geldof, which police have said "is being treated as a non-suspicious, but unexplained, sudden death", we look back at the life and times of her late mother Paula Yates, who died in 2000, at the age of 41.

Paula Yates was 29 when she gave birth to her second child Peaches Honeyblossom, another daughter by Boomtown Rats star Bob Geldof.

By the time Peaches was 11, her mother was dead - the victim of an accidental heroin overdose.

The famed exhibitionist and TV presenter, best known for The Tube and The Big Breakfast, had struggled to cope with the turbulences and tragedies in the most public of private lives.

The perennially peroxide-blonde had lost her lover, the INXS frontman Michael Hutchence whom she had divorced Geldof to be with, three years earlier.

It was the same year she was shocked to discover that the former Opportunity Knocks presenter Hughie Green was her biological father.

Like her own four daughters, Yates had been born into a famous family, with the man she believed to be her father, Jess Yates, a one-time presenter and her mother, Helene Thornton-Bosment, a celebrated dancer and actress.

Paula Yates would later attest to enduring an unhappy and troubled childhood with the family unit upset by affairs and separation.

Bob Geldof and Paula Yates with their three daughters in 1992. (© PA Wire)

Bob Geldof and Paula Yates with their three daughters in 1992.

She claimed in her 1996 autobiography to have first dabbled with drugs in her teenage years, including experiments with heroin, as she sought more extreme forms of rebellion.

Yates first gained public notoriety in 1979 after modelling in the nude for Penthouse magazine in London's Reform Club.

The risqué shoot set the tone for a career of provocation, while her punk sensibilities formed the basis of the often chaotic presentational style which saw her rise to prominence on The Tube in the early 1980s.

Yates' fame expanded further when her romance with Irish punk poster boy Geldof led to marriage.

The celebrity union spawned three daughters, Fifi Trixibelle, Peaches and Pixie, whose unusual naming further fuelled the tabloid coverage of the family.

Her nine-year marriage to Geldof ended acrimoniously in 1995 as she embarked on a very public coupling with Hutchence, a man she had described as "God's gift to women".

The pair had first met when Yates interviewed the Australian singer on a bed for The Big Breakfast, the Channel 4 show developed by Geldof's own production company.

Rather than shy away from the coverage, Yates took to the papers to ridicule her former husband and champion her new lover.

Her insecurities were again on show, with the presenter having breast implants reportedly to match the model Helena Christensen, one of Hutchence's former flames.

The discovery of him hanged in a Sydney hotel room in 1997 - a death she always claimed was accidental - sent her spiralling towards a nervous breakdown.

She was taken to a psychiatric hospital in 1998 with depression, and attempted suicide after losing custody of her daughters to Geldof.

Michael Hutchence and Paula Yates in 1995. (© Duncan Raban-EMPICS Entertainment)

Michael Hutchence and Paula Yates in 1995.

The period also saw a brief engagement to another singer, Finley Quaye, break down in front of the media.

As she attempted to rebuild her private life, again in the public eye, she declared in a magazine column it was a "miracle" that she had made it to the age of 40.

A year later, on September 17, 2000, she was discovered dead at her home in Notting Hill, west London.

Four-year-old Tiger Lily, her youngest daughter and the only child she had by Hutchence, was found in the same room as her mother's body.

Tiger Lily would later be formally adopted after Yates' death by her former husband Geldof, who pledged to provide her with the stable upbringing her mother had always craved but could not provide.

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08/04/2014 13:57

The article looks to be a crusade so to re-introduce Paula Yates.

Who am I to pass judgment of others not known to me, so I'm wondering what Bob Geldorf's opinion would be.

As I remember a bitter feud between bob Geldorf and Paula Yates opened up because of Paula Yates's behaviour while she was still with Bob Geldorf.

So, maybe the publicity angle should be ditched before it causes even more anguish to a dad who's daughter has died, !.

08/04/2014 16:06

However the cause of her death, there is a Husband, Father, Sisters and two baby sons who are all grieving for someone they loved dearly  Yes she had a chequered past but can anyone say they have lived their lives without any regret or mistakes ?  I think not !!

I should imagine this thread will soon be awash with heartfelt comments from people who know nothing about anything yet feel the overwhelming need to say something suitably caring as if it affected them personally.
08/04/2014 14:38
We do like to glamorise life and pretend these people are above us all and something special, but facts are facts, Paula Yates was a druggie.

Peaches Geldoff was a druggie. It doesnt matter how 'sad' it may all seem, she wasnt anything special and simply played on her dads fame.

The real tragedy here are the poor little babies now left behind, growing up without a mother.

But lets not 'Hollywood' this or Peaches. She was famous for f*ck all really. Its not like she cured cancer is it.
08/04/2014 13:39
I think that she was probably the only woman to nearly have sex on live tv while "interviewing" Hutchence on her show, no wonder Geldof dumped her.  Selfish, junkie, only ever interested in her own pleasures and really could not give a damn about her own children.
Not surprising she ended up as she did given that she followed in her fathers footsteps.

08/04/2014 17:38
deepest sympathy to bob geldof and his family for their loss of peaches sosad so young and now her children are to without a mummy what ever killed her she was to young to die RIP
08/04/2014 16:27
If she has taken her own life then she is selfish. She tweeted a picture of her and her mum and if she was heartbroken and missing her mum then how does she think her kids and husband will be feeling now. But a sad situation never the less.
08/04/2014 17:25
Shame on you all who think and condemn  without knowing the reason.
08/04/2014 15:06
08/04/2014 16:17
Shocked when i read about Peaches. I remember the past, when she was born, her mum, Bob all of it. Dreadful tragic waste when these things come to pass before time. What is it? Genes, lifestyle? All of the self doubt. Heart goes out to those left.  Nothing in this life is perfect or forever.
08/04/2014 21:44

So many cruel judgemental people!

I honestly don't think it matters how she died, like her mother and many mothers around the world who either choose or accidentally end their lives it is tragic! Children, husbands and families are left behind. Bob Geldof has experienced this twice now, although he wasnt married to Paula he loved her all the same and now his daughter, it is very sad!

She was once young and like a lot of young people she made silly choices and experimented, that doesn't make her a bad person. By all the evidence and reports she had matured into a very nice young woman with babies and a husband whom she loved, so lets hold back on accusing her of things that as yet have not been stated!

08/04/2014 18:03
before we reach a verdict about this lets wait for the reason for her death it is strang that the police reached  there verdict as quick as they did but lets wait ,
09/04/2014 02:26

sos but  why all the hype with paulas death becos peaches has died  im sure peaches has died of natural causes etc so please tell me why hype on about paula when this poor girl has left babies and her death is a sad loss immaterial to paulas death x plz remember that you press !!! and has any1 thought that she may have been suffering from post natal depression that was undetected as mine was bless her really hope for her familys sake wasn't drug related and for all u sad peeps who see the bad things in a situation x nasty people

08/04/2014 15:10
life is a bitch then you die boo hoo...how many of these stars have died of drugs and there stupid I am rich behavior...this is like the life and times of them let them alone...bet this drags on for months like all storys... 
08/04/2014 17:45
to arfer fecksake why are you such a horrible person hope no one has sympathy for you when your times up
08/04/2014 17:05
So many judges...based on not a scrap of evidence.....porridge appears to run through the hearts and brains of some people
When I was a hipple I used to smoke the old cannibal's rectum. I gave it up when I thought I was eating a sandwich but I was eating my fingers.
What I remember was an expose on and questioning of Yates biological father at a vulnerable time for Yates.  The papers show very little concern for Yates at the time, I think she may have  found out via the press at the time.
08/04/2014 17:03

I dunno-it must be tough having to grow up in the shadow of famous parents-AND carve out a name for yourself.

Luckily my parents were bums - so it was easy.

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