28/03/2012 13:54 | By Lucy Mapstone, editor, MSN Celebrity
Peaches Geldof's romantic day in the sunshine

Peaches Geldof and Thomas Cohen

Peaches Geldof and Thomas Cohen (© Rex)
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Peaches Geldof is expecting her first child in about a month, so it's no surprise she wanted to spend some precious alone time with her husband-to-be Thomas Cohen (of rock group S.C.U.M) in the glorious sunshine in London's Victoria Park before they become parents.

The loved-up youngsters were seen kissing and canoodling, enjoying each others' company and generally looking like love's young dream!

28/03/2012 21:10

Thank goodness you reported this!! This could seriously effect the Economy!!

Seriously, what's the point of making such a report?!!

28/03/2012 15:45
What is the deal with this Thomas Cohen guys trousers? they dont look too bad here but he always seems to wear them soo high up and he just looks like a bit of an idiot. is it some sort of fashion that ive never come across ?
29/03/2012 15:53
I farted and followed through at work today, would MSN like some pics of that?  Just as interesting...
29/03/2012 00:10

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29/03/2012 10:55

I, like v s, am totally pigged off by MSN's continous attempts to stop us commenting on REAL events, and I apologise to poster in this site who wish to discuss Peaches belly, but I would like to comment on the pilot possibly facing 20 years for what shows up as clear mental illness. If this man goes to prison he will become some ones bitch instead of getting the help he needs.

Again accept my apple o gees.

29/03/2012 11:10
I am afraid this is very light wait ...You have a famous father and Ha this makes us all want to know about there offspring lives ,I don't think so .... Put her in the next Jungle series  
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