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Pictures: Pink takes daughter out in sunny New York

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Pink and Willow Sage

Pink might have been worried about having a baby and becoming a mother but she needn't have worried: these pictures of her spending the day with her one-year-old daughter and husband show she couldn't be more of a natural!

Pink and Willow Sage (© Rex)

Pink and Willow Sage: aww!

The new mum (who certainly hasn't lost her fashion sense and unique style!) and her husband Carey Hart spent the day with their baby daughter in sunny New York and they couldn't have looked like a happier family unit if they tried.

We can't help but pretend we're not jealous of a few things: a) that they're enjoying much nicer autumn weather than we are and b) that Willow isn't our daughter!

Pink was spottef playing around with her 15-month-old daughter as well as letting Willow's dad Carey take over for a cuddle as they walked through Tribeca.

The mummy and daughter duo have just returned from a working trip to London, as the singer performed at the iTunes festival last week.

18/09/2012 14:31

What a beautiful beautiful picture of Pink & her little jem.


We need more pictures like this to make us all smile. :-)


There's too much misery in this world anyway!! xx

18/09/2012 19:34
Well well well MSN  you have done us proud! putting P!nk on  and she is one Yummy Mummy! allright =0)
Little one is a great bundle og joy God bless them
18/09/2012 20:32
at least shes more down to earth than some stuck up celebs,she isnt afraid to say what she thinks so good on her !    Go P!nk
18/09/2012 19:00
Pink is and always has been yummy and hot. She's so fit.
18/09/2012 19:32
She is beautiful like her mum. I love Pink!!!

cute..what a gorgeous picture of mum and baby..the bond is truely there for all to see.

what a happy baby and motherhood certainly suits pink..and willow is dressed in pink.

i have a little boy at who's 14 months old..he's bubbly too.

18/09/2012 21:08

Yummy Mummy? Yes and no........


She's hot - no doubt - sexy in a tomboyish sort of way but does'nt look chavvy with it.


However, Tatoos on women?? I could cope with a small 1 or possibly 2 somewhere that cannot be openly seen but what is the trend with having them all up their arms and legs these days???


Seriously, they add NOTHING to a lady or her persona, so why bother - you're gonna look a bit daft after the age of 60 with tramp stamps all over the place.



19/09/2012 12:24
Well i f**king love my tattoos! if you think there ugly look in the mirror when you sag!
19/09/2012 05:50

pink looks great motherhood suits her very well willow is so cute,

Yummy? Not on your nelly. Heterosexual? Surprised.
19/09/2012 00:47
I think it's a lovely pic of Mum and baby but it's not news parents do this every day,about the tattoo comment I have tattoos and am older woman am not asking you or anyone to fret over me and think am going to have a fit if they decide to sag,this is my body the same as everyone else who have tattoos so don't you fret about it I like them my Hubby likes them and my family ,so if it does sag I will have a cross down at my **** and a dolphin at my elbow.
18/09/2012 21:46
 wouldn't want to lay under that, she would probably beat me up for not being good enough, and then make a song about it.
18/09/2012 19:53
I've seen happier more yummy Mummy's in Manchester ...and they don't have all that money to make them looked 'photo ready'!

19/09/2012 12:50

this bad wanna see some thing funny harrys been bad check out w w w . hotgirlsinthehouse . co m username bustygem19 look at photo album me&harry taken last night they are rude so watch out bet its in the paper tomorrow she has updated her staus saying people want to interview me!!!! i think harry needs a wily grower lol

19/09/2012 00:32
I cannot get over why people need to scar their bodies with tattoos.  They make Mr Hart look scarey and ugly. What are these people going to look like when they get older, do they not think of that. 
18/09/2012 21:38
does anyone know when pink is going on tour again in England ?  thanks
18/09/2012 21:37
does any one know when pink is going on tour thanks

yummy mummy??????shes more like a man!!!!

18/09/2012 19:55
I've seen just as happy, and more 'yummy' Mummy's in Manchester....without all the money to make them 'photo ready'...sorry!
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