11/04/2012 13:16 | By Lucy Mapstone, editor, MSN Celebrity

Prince Harry and Mollie King: dating?

Whenever Prince Harry shows a mere interest in a member of the opposite sex, the rumour mill goes in to overdrive and the next thing we know she's getting ready to tie the knot, royal wedding style.

The latest reports to hit Prince Harry's love life regard Mollie King from girl group The Saturdays, who he has been close friends with for two years.

Prince Harry and Mollie King (© PA & Rex)

Prince Harry and Mollie King - are they an item?

The Daily Express has quoted a source as saying Harry is "completely smitten" with blonde bombshell Mollie after the pair have apparently been spotted flirting together on various nights out in London.

"It's very early days for them but they're head over heels," the source added.

The pair have been friends since meeting in 2010 at the Asprey World Class Cup in Surrey, but recently they have been said to be getting closer. The rumoured couple are said to have taken part in a karaoke night together at the Bunga Bunga club in London... romantic!

Harry recently opened up and discussed his difficulty finding love, but maybe he's found it in young Mollie King?

Mollie split from hunky model David Gandy just a couple of months ago, and Harry has been enjoying the single life since his split from long-term girlfriend Chelsy Davy. He also had a brief romance with lingerie model Florence Brudenell-Bruce.

Whether or not Mollie is getting serious about the third in line to the throne is unknown - if they are together the pair have remained very tight-lipped about it, and would be very unlikely to spread the word of a romance if it was happening.

But we have to admit Mollie certainly looks like Prince Harry's kind of girl: long blonde hair, slim, posh... check out his long line of women he's been linked to and see if you can spot the similarities!

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Chelsy Davy was Prince Harry's longest girlfriend - they were together from 2004 -2010
12/04/2012 09:08

Prince Harry is great.  He takes his Army work very seriously and understands the workings of the Royal Family without being stiff and unapproachable.  I think Prince Charles did a great job with both his sons and it is evident they are both compassionate and understand the meaning of hard work.  They are allowed a private life, too, but (unfortunately for them) they do not seem to be allowed much privacy.  I would absolutely hate to be followed by paps on my time off and lose a girl I loved because of my status.  They are a credit to England and we should be pleased that we mean so much to them, too.


@ Steve & Darkcamel.  Harry didn't meet Hewitt until he was 3 years old.  Charles employed Hewitt as the boys' riding instructor.  Red hair runs in the Spencer family genes (Diana's side) and if it wasn't for this, noone would have even started the pathetic paternity rumours.  He even looks like Charles.

12/04/2012 01:54
yes he did look like Hewitt a while ago but the older he's getting the more he looks like his father and some of his mothers family's looks too. Best of the bunch of the grandchildren I think. He works and enjoys a bit of fun, and the work he does he is entitled to let his hair down now and again, and so grown up he looks a hunk, so many nice girls should be chasing him.
12/04/2012 12:18
I think Harry should have some privacy and choose who he wants as a wife in his own time, who knows maybe she will be from abroad? someone who doesnt know who he is and likes him for him not his status.
11/04/2012 16:51
Supporting charities doesn't make something 'in the public interest'. The third sector is part of the Capitalist machine. There are executives in some 'not for profit' charities earning six figure salaries. This isn't a 'news'item. It's drip fed gossip and tittle tattle designed to stop people focusing on real issues that effect the vast majority of people.This kind of 'Hello'/'OK'  culture created by the Ruling Class media is patronising drivel.
for gods sake , let him have alife , we got  alot worse traipsing the streets mugging old people, just cos he royalty dont mean he not entitled too a life, theres lads out there dont give a monkey who they wake up with,  and wot diseases they passing round, and some of the girls are no better,but they got alife aswell so let harry live and let live, most of us have some sort of  skeltons hidden things we done when younger, people who live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones, think about our own pasts before we condem anyone Royalty or not.
12/04/2012 12:56
You all must care or 'give a rats backside' because you are taking time out of your lives to read AND comment on this article.

Contradiction. If you did not care you would simply pass this article by and read another one, not read it then tell us how you don't care. 

And yes he's ginger. What's so wrong with that? It's a hair colour.  Don't start picking up on peoples flaws. 

11/04/2012 16:51
What she needs is a few big dinners!
12/04/2012 13:59
people who live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones, think about our own pasts before we condem anyone Royalty or not.

@ dorothy dick!!  its the royals who believe they stand above all others, therefore its they who should be setting a good example!!!  They certainly dont, far from it!!  so the taxpaying kettle calling the royal pot black is therefore quite fair.

11/04/2012 16:40
I think I read the article I am sure you said which charities the lady goes out of her way to support making it a matter of public interest
12/04/2012 13:31
No we dont give a rats backside about rubbish like this Kim Hewitt,(no relation is it?) but msn wont let us pass comment on decent issue so we are stuck with this tripe
12/04/2012 11:50
what a nasty remark  kev kitten.Diana is dead why dont you let her R.I.P
12/04/2012 19:27
Prince Harry could date his dog and nobody would give a ****.....
13/04/2012 01:10
Kim hewitt-

Ohhh chill out! :') someones getting touchy. 
I wasnt anyway. Are you on drigs? You need to chill.
12/04/2012 12:45
WOW. Like we care. Shes butt ugly, he is ginger. They make a great couple. 
12/04/2012 12:22
Only a.n.a.l retentives living in a fairyland fantasy world of their own would be interested in this intelligence insulting krap!! 
Unfortunately on the really important issues of this Country, that really affects everyones lives, (except royalty!!), that we are barred from commenting on, MSN have excelled themselves!!!   Their site gets more and more like a cheap tat trashy celeb rag everyday - no wonder royalty always get top billing on it!!! LOL.   

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