16/03/2013 12:45 | By Lorna Cooper, editor, MSN Entertainment
Prince Harry and Princess Eugenie enjoy a night out

Celebrities on camera: Prince Harry

Prince Harry (© Rex)
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Prince Harry, girlfriend Cressida Bonas and Princess Eugenie have been pictured leaving London's Rum Kitchen.

The Prince has a reputation for partying (remember the fuss over those naked pictures?), but he was recently on a tour of duty in Afghanistan. I don't think anyone will begrudge him if he lets his hair down now and again.

Looks like there was a bit of a royal knees-up though. Hair-of-the-dog, Harry?

16/03/2013 16:31
one thing that separates politicians and royality is the willingness to fight for their country unlike most politicians who have no intention of putting their kids in harms way ..well done Harry have a great time pal you are a credit to this country
16/03/2013 19:28
Leave the poor chap alone- let him have fun, after all it cannot be such fun being in Afghanistan- may be you you like to go in his place and see what it is really like to be in a war zone.  I think he is a great chap and I am old enough to be his Grand Father.
16/03/2013 18:01
Grand Lad. Fight hard and play hard.
16/03/2013 16:08
I don't mind Harry, he seems like a laugh. he is the only likeable one of these royals anyway.
16/03/2013 16:55
Harry looks more like his maternal Grandfather and uncle every day thank goodness Diana would be so happy and not like that idiot father of his .
16/03/2013 19:04
 Picture 7 is brilliant  Harry  looks like  he has had one  to many, good luck to him he is so natural just like his mum,
17/03/2013 08:10
just looks like any other oik on a saturday night. I would think with all his money he did dress a bit better, i or is that the 'fashion'?
17/03/2013 15:03
I wonder how much money Harry has? Or william? do they just gets millions each year for doing nothing or what? 
17/03/2013 12:22

Harry, you are a credit to this country and your late mother.


16/03/2013 15:54

He's just like his real dad, just mucking about with ladies.

17/03/2013 13:51
another money grabbing drunk hanger on, parasites all of them
19/03/2013 11:12
she's a great girl, only she's totally lost her way. it's like here's a void inside her. the sad thing is, her inner turmoil is really starting to show on the outside as the poison & the bad living starts to bite.
completely agree with the judge: she could find herself again through the essential dignity of hard work

16/03/2013 20:17
look at picture 5 a royal sandwich that security guard has hit the jackpot , the "filling" in the  white shirt well he's  mega hot .............:@)
17/03/2013 07:28
That's because there's nothing royal about him. He ain't Charles son. 
16/03/2013 21:04
Looks drugged up to me, needs to get a job...... 
16/03/2013 20:50
Prince Harry your mother would have craddled you in her arms, you are so beautiful to look at every day you look more beautiful, forget the naked pictures you were drunk as i am right now,your brother is fillled with painfor his mother'sdeath and we cannot change that, don't listen to the world do your own thing. I thoght the naked pictures were wrong but you were in another world like I am I am Love
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