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Prince Harry naked pictures: Celebrities react on Twitter

Prince Harry (© Rex)

Photos have leaked of Prince Harry's wild Las Vegas holiday. After a night of partying at the Wynn Resort on the Las Vegas Strip, Harry was snapped holding his crown jewels to protect his modesty after a game of 'strip pool', with an nearly-nude woman beside him.

The following night he was pictured at a pool party at the resort, surrounded by dozens of women, where he had an impromptu breaststroke race with American gold medal swimmer Ryan Lochte.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas... unless you're the third in line to the throne!

Not surprisingly, celebs have been quick to react to Prince Harry's shenanigans - here's what they're saying on Twitter.

Simon Pegg
"Holy sh*t! A young, single guy was photographed having naked fun on holiday!!! The Mayans were right. The end of days is nigh! Repent!!!!"

Phillip Schofield
"Ha! Prince Harry!! What a night that must've been & what exactly are the rules of naked billiards?"

Holly Willoughby (© AP)

Holly Willoughby
"Prince Harry!!!! Oh my! X"

Courtney Love
"Wow you gotta love Prince Harry for showing off the royal jewels.... oh let him have fun, xc."

Lady Gaga
"Truly f**k off to whatever sh*tty friend took those picture and leaked them."

Lauren Laverne
"Prince Harry is EASILY the best Royal. Fully Regency. I say we let him build a pineapple-shaped building on The Serpentine IMMEDIATELY."

Gary Lucy
"You're a Prince .... You're in Vegas..... What ya gonna do?! #PrinceHarry #Ledge"

Chanelle Hayes
"Prince Harry #awesome"

Piers Morgan (© Wire)

Piers Morgan
"I'm shocked and disgusted by the Prince Harry party photos in Vegas. Why the hell wasn't I invited????"

Maria Fowler
"Prince Harry... The "Peoples" Prince hahahaha."

Frankie Boyle
"No surprise from Prince Harry. Being half Royal, half squaddie..."

Boy George
"Prince Harry, where was his security? People are so cheap, such rubbish photos!"

Nicola Roberts

Harry has a life and chooses to enjoy it. If he were not a prince this would not be news, he is being a young man. The fact he is a prince is irrelevent, as a person he does a lot of good and is serving his nation in many ways. Good on him, some other royals might be stuffy but H is a star and deserves his life to be what he wants it to be the same as anyone else.
23/08/2012 12:21

Leave Harry alone !!!!!!

He is young, single, and not hurting anyone.

He has to do all these things now before he gets married, so when he does marry those things will not be tempting they will just be, " Been there"  "Done that", and got the photos to prove it.

Even the ROYAL FAMILY are entitled to have fun as they all work damn hard for our country. Those that think that it's a disgrace, should remember for every finger you point at someone there are 3 fingers pointing at you.


Go Harry !!!!!!!   I bet there are trillions of men that are wishing they where in that room playing those game too, it is only good fun..

23/08/2012 12:18
I love Prince Harry, he is young, single, why not have fun?  Bastard of his pal who took the pictures and made them public.
23/08/2012 11:47
Prince Harry, he is a very good person full of fan and i think the media need to live him along to enjoy his life how he want to. Good for him.
23/08/2012 12:48

Harry is a real person (prince) not someone who hides behind a royal standard,

Leave him to have his fun, would you like it if they stoped yours.

Harry have fun while you can, LIFES TO SHORT to miss out.

23/08/2012 21:40
Sounds to me like some of his friends aren't very loyal...
23/08/2012 11:37

I say good on him, he's a single guy, not representing anyone or anything such as a state visit, letting his hair down and having fun.   Most people tend to like Harry for being 'normal'.   The only thing wrong with all of this is the person who took the photos and leaked them probably hoping for a quick buck.

23/08/2012 18:53

I LOVE Prince Harry and I'm delighted he had a fun break away - BUT has he damaged all the good

he has done over the last few years?  Probably not - but he must take more care in future of where he

goes and who he plays with AND I do think his security people must take a rap for having allowed a mobile phone in. Also, as someone said earlier, he is a target for terrorists/extremists - it could have been a bomb....!!


23/08/2012 11:45

I think, they need to live him along to enjoy his life and do what is the best for him is after him what he do no one ells

Live him along and no using the media for everything he thas. Good luck and enjoy you life we only have one.Great he is a very good person full of fun.


23/08/2012 19:48
Prince Harry deserves to have fun, he is young, he is single, he loves life!!!!!!!!  he is a wonderful man and shame on the person who took the photos, not a true friend, where where his minders?? he is lovely and I adore him, he hasn't done anything wrong, I am sure that his mother would have not minded it all.  He must be vigilant next time he goes to a party, opportunisnic people taking advantage of him.  He is loved, he does wonderful things for charity.  I am glad that the papers in UK respected his privacy.  Keep enjoying yourself Harry.  Have a wonderful life. LIFE IS TO BE ENJOYED.  XX
24/08/2012 15:08

Give Harry a break, he's normal for goodness sake...!



27/08/2012 01:40
Poor Prince Harry, bet he wishes he could drop that title now and then.  There were a number of undressed people at the party why weren't they in the news?  Have fun Harry whichever way you choose. 
24/08/2012 16:16
prince harry is fabulous good luck to him. can't the poor chap just enjoy himself.
26/08/2012 19:15

my uncle was in a war he got blown up, he came home minus one leg

and many scars, but stop him from being at the heart of anything that

was going on, including the full monty. He was not in the news because

 he was my uncle. what is so different about harry take away the word prince

and no one would bother about it. There must be a lot of poor people out there

who don't know how to let there hair down. After all prince Harry does a lot of

good for a lot of people why not give him a break, he's the only royal to act human


10/04/2013 07:12
Strange,out of all the comments,only one realises that he is supposed to be in the services and gets paid by us the taxpayer to do just that.I did not like the comment he made,seeking to go back to Afghanistan to kill people,which obviously includes children.A helicopter gunsight has little discrimination
GREAT an ugly ginger german freeloader at the taxpayers expense gets his puny body out whoopy do........
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