19/07/2012 10:26 | By Colleen Last, contributor, MSN Celebrity

Prince Harry steals the show at The Dark Knight Rises premiere

Prince Harry

Prince Harry was a surprise attendee as The Dark Knight Rises was screened at the IMAX in London last night. And you can forget about the film's stars like Anne Hathaway, Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman or Marion Cotillard - as soon as Harry rocked up, all the attention was on him.

In the last couple of years the prince has emerged as a genuine A-list celeb in his own right, and the most eligible bachelor in Britain, if not the world. Sure, we get more excited if we see his sister-in-law the Duchess of Cambridge on the red carpet, but Harry is different. He isn't guarded and sensible like the other royals and there's a sense that you never know what might happen when he's out on the town - for one, we know that we're never going to see Kate and Wills in a rickshaw, which was Harry's transport of choice when he was whisked through the West End last Friday night!

"We're not likely to see Wills stumbling out of a club at dawn on a school night!"

Even Harry's choice of film premiere stands out because The Dark Knight Rises event wasn't an official gala, so technically, he had no obligation to be there. But we can imagine it now - Harry's a fan of the Batman film so he badgered the Clarence House PR team to wangle him an invite, not hard when you're third in line to the throne!
Prince William is different; he wants to be seen to be only going to official engagements, such as the premiere of Warhorse which was a royal gaga (and also a snoozefest of a film).

In fact, Harry didn't even attend the 'proper' premiere in Leicester Square with the stars, he went to a screening at the IMAX down the road in Waterloo instead! But he still knocked the likes of Anne Hathaway off the front pages.

After the film, Harry hit the afterparty at the Freemasons Hall in Covent Garden with a posse of pals and when that finished at 2am, the party boy headed to Le Salon nightclub in Mayfair until 4.15am! Because William will one day be king, he has the heavy weight of responsibility on his shoulders and, consciously or not, that's affected his behaviour throughout his whole life - we're not likely to see him stumbling out of a club at dawn on a school night!

Harry's never had that burden and that's resulted in a distinct lack of formality and an up-for-it attitude. He's much more daring that William, which makes him more intriguing, so much so that he's crossed over to be more than just a royal, he's a bona fide A-list celebrity!

20/07/2012 14:29
harry is a good mix of his grandfather, and..  of his father , the  Prince of Wales, ..you only have to look at the lad to see...plus the height of the Spencers,   Any other aspersions are uncalled for , ..and are  to say the least,rude.....
20/07/2012 10:47
It's a wise man, that knows his own Father!   Keri !! 
20/07/2012 01:52
19/07/2012 22:47
nice lad,.. a real likeable one... just be yourself, Harry, we love you that way......
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