22/01/2013 11:55 | By Lucy Mapstone, editor, MSN Celebrity
Red Nose Day 2013: Zambezi trip for Mel C, Dara O'Briain and others

The BT Red Nose Challenge: Hell and High Water training day at Lea Valley, London

Red Nose Day 2013: celebs train for Zambezi river challenge (© Rex)
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To help the stars raise the money they need, sponsor them now at rednoseday.com/Zambezi.

22/01/2013 16:01

Shame they don't do more for children in this country and I doubt whether they will really be roughing it at any time on this "ordeal".  An ordeal is when you are sent out into the bush and have to fend for yourself for the next week or more, not paddling down some rough water in an inflatable with a film and support crew!

None of this money will end up where it is needed anyway as we have been shown what happens to all the charity money/aid that goes into African areas - ends up used to buy arms or in the bank account of yet another corrupt African official!

22/01/2013 16:49
yet again we have so called celebrities on a mission to africa to raise loads of money for charity. or is it just publicity for there own ego.who pays for these trips .can you imagine the cost of flights.accomodation.food and not just for them we have the film crew and the other people in the water.   its one big joke and i for one will not be contributing to there african adventure !!!
22/01/2013 18:47
Here we go again....wheelin out the same (and this time seriously washed up) celebrities. When do "celebrities" decide to call it a day?
22/01/2013 17:37
Been there and done it.  It was the most exciting white water rafting I have ever done (actually the only one I have ever done) and Number 13 is the worst, or best.  I was lucky I was a short swimmer (which means I kept hold of the raft) others were long swimmers and there are 12 ft crocodiles waiting in the still water for the unlucky ones. The hundred mile canoe trip before the white water was fantastic and included a stand off with a lioness with no gun.  Oh yes they are going to have one fantastic time.
22/01/2013 18:49
What a lovely jolly for Charity how much will this cost better they just donate the cash free loaders.
22/01/2013 17:31
Is this page in some kind of competition for terribly pathetic puns.
23/01/2013 00:04
Just a few has beens  hoping for a mention in the honours list. I said that would happen through the Olympics, and it did.
Winners of medals getting awards. It's disgraceful. They should go to someone  who deserves it. Someone who has done something for the country and made a difference. Olympics medallists do not do it for the country, they do it for their over-inflated egos as did some of the so-called stars of entertainment.  I was fully convinced that Beckham was after  a Knighthood.  And he's still trying, along with many others. I think that is the reason the Beckham's have come back home, to be nearer to people who can help him along the way. Sebastian Coe, for one instance.
23/01/2013 10:37

Been there and done it!  The Zambezi flows at 12kph so it's not hard paddling downstream.  The rapids are fun though.


Maybe they'll row against the flow.  That would be a challenge?

22/01/2013 20:09
I think these challenges are brillant and rasie millions for charity. I take it some of the people posting comments. haven't seen the footage of all the good this money does idiots
22/01/2013 18:49
if the public think this money goes to the children of africa , just think again, WHAT happened to the band aid money ? lets get BOB GELDOF  in court and ask him theiving irish bastard
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