15/02/2013 17:45 | By Colleen Last, contributor, MSN Celebrity
Rihanna and Katy Perry fall out: when celebrity friendships end

Famous friendships that have cooled

Rihanna and Katy Perry (© Rex)
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Rihanna and Katy Perry were closer than close, as this picture taken at last year's MTV Awards proves. But the BFFs haven’t been photographed together ever since RiRi reunited with Chris Brown, prompting suggestions that Katy – like the rest of us – isn’t best pleased about their reunion.

The ladies have endured hiccups in their friendship before, like when Rihanna was 'too busy' to make Katy's wedding with Russell Brand, allegedly because she didn't approve. Time will tell if they get around the Chris-shaped bump in the road.

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16/02/2013 18:52
2 ****'s together, obviously had an argument over who was the bigger ****.
16/02/2013 23:15
Katy is just being a good friend, if my friend got back with someone who once beat her up badly then I would try and persuade them not to get back with them. Rihanna will regret getting back with Chris.
17/02/2013 10:30
Rihanna is being far too soft on Chris Brown! Even when he beat her up so badly, she STILL wants to be his friend!!!!! I just don't understand why she'd do that!!!!! I'd have dumped him AGES ago!!!!! Chris Brown should've been sacked when he beat up Rihanna, I'm horrified he wasn't!!!! And as for Rihanna, I love her music and style, but she's seriously messing up her life and she needs to wake up from whatever fantasy world she's stuck in, because it's ruining her life!!!!!! 
17/02/2013 01:09

please don't catch the weird hypocrisy too! when they're together, they get a whole thing going among themselves that 'men are sh*t'  & they especially hate each others' partners & look out for any chance to slag them off & do them a bad turn. Like, Brown & Brand have both been there. But when single all they can think about is how to pull the next piece of man meat & when they 'hook up' with some the grilfriends get all chirpy & excited

Truly independent women who are intellectually up there don't sink into this pathetic, mind-numbing narcisism 

17/02/2013 20:13

cannot believe people have an opinion on this B******S

17/02/2013 17:56
i watch those two getting into some lady love anytime
16/02/2013 14:14
Heart breaking. Hope they sort out their differences. I shed a tear :((
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