09/09/2012 23:38 | By Kerri-Ann Roper, Senior Editor, MSN Entertainment

Rihanna slams Piers Morgan on Twitter

Rihanna performs during the 2012 Paralympic closing ceremony (© Getty)

If there's one celebrity who always says it like she sees it, it's Rihanna.

And her latest tweet retort to mouthy Piers Morgan has cemented that fact.

Rihanna joined Jay-Z and Coldplay on stage to perform during the 2012 Paralympic closing ceremony. She wowed in a gorgeous red dress, and also showed off her new cropped hairdo.

During the performance, Piers tweeted: ""@piersmorgan: ps I think @Rihanna needs to grow her hair back. Fast."

After the performance, Rihanna replied to Piers' tweet, telling him to: "grow a d**k..... FAST!!!!"


Not shy himself, Piers replied saying: "This a good time to ask for an interview?"

To which Rihanna tweeted: "@piersmorgan haaaa! Only if it's not about cosmetics! But phuck yea lets do it!!!!!!!!!"

So, looks like something good can come from some Twitter feuding after all.

Or can it? We hope Rihanna isn't offended by Piers' final reply: "Excellent! I'll supply a wig...".

Talk about gutsy.

Now we'll have to stay tuned for when exactly Rihanna's going to appear on Piers' show... if his last comment hasn't completely ruined his chances, that is!

10/09/2012 08:42

both are disgusting specimens


rihanna ..... what a terrible role model for young girls  


i'll make sure i miss the show if it happens

10/09/2012 01:06
She should learn to sing first, then sort her hair, is she tone deaf or what?
10/09/2012 09:30
My god, I can't believe someone at MSN is actually employed to write these bull**** articles.
10/09/2012 10:44
when Rhianna first came on the scene I admit I liked her. She was sweet and fun and I had no worries about my daughter listening to her. But now with the "good girl gone bad" persona she is cheap. She is such an awful role model. Her songs are terrible, the lyrics atrocious, her attitude stinks and she looks like what she is. As a mother to a young girl, who is quickly approaching womanhood I find her offensive in every sense of the word!!!
Why do stars such as rihanna react to comments by the a-hole piers (never done a proper job in his life) morgan
10/09/2012 10:41
Rhianna is just a clasless, tasteless, rough trollop.. she has no sense of shame or morals.. she is the type of person who would suit the street corner.. her music is total crap.. utterly nasty! 
10/09/2012 09:48
I'm pretty sure an interview between these two **** isn't a good thing
10/09/2012 08:45

what a disgusting pair of specimens


i'll make sure i miss that interview if it happens



celebrities such as rihanna really let them selves down when they react to comments by the a-hole piers (never done a proper job in his life) morgan.


Why on earth would anybody be interested in what she has to say , its not very educating is it?
10/09/2012 10:57

Trailer Trash with a gutter mouth thrown in

They used to say girls were "Sugar and Spice and all things nice" - these days they are all Toilet Mouths and Rhianna is the Queen of them

99% of them have Tattoos - or should I say "Tart Stamps" - My God what is this country coming to?

10/09/2012 13:07
Rihanna is the equivalent of hard core pornography set to music. If the parents approve, they must be peedo's. Get her and that slapper Niki minaj out of our country. The BBC is playing this crap continuously.
10/09/2012 08:47
If Piers wasn't gay, these two could probably get it on. Why else would Rihanna tell Piers to grow a dick? She must want piers to hump her.
Well she wears always wigs anyway. At least now she's with her own hair,wearing extensions over and over  takes its toll ,just lkg at Naomi campbell she's going bold!!
10/09/2012 01:33
I wouldn't call that a spat, It seems typically friendly banter to me.....why do people / media assume others are offended by it, ( trying to make a drama of it by lying and trying to stir up trouble that doesn't exist )   Rhianna seemed to take it as a joke, by the way she cheekily responded....and agreeing to an interview !
10/09/2012 09:34
What were her and Jay-Z doing there anyway they are not british! Some illuminati shoulder rubbing nonsense, can't stand her and wont let my daughter anywhere near her alleged 'music'
10/09/2012 10:34
@simplybritishgifts, that my girls a strong young women who not afraid to speak her mind!!!

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