27/07/2012 11:32 | By Colleen Last, contributor, MSN Celebrity

Robert Pattinson moves out of LA home he shares with Kristen Stewart, sources say

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart (© Wire Image)

"Robert Pattinson has packed his bags," People.com is reporting.

According to the website, the 26-year-old has moved out of the £4m Hollywood Hills house he shared with Kristen Stewart following her affair with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders.

Multiple sources say R-Patz is refusing to speak to his girlfriend of three years, with People stating he is "in seclusion and not in contact with Stewart".

Us Weekly, who broke news of the affair when they published photos showing Kristen and the Snow White director kissing in a car, said Robert was hurt and humiliated and unsure if he could forgive his Twilight co-star.

Fans on Twitter supported his decision to pack his bags, with one posting: "You go R-Patz! I have a spare couch!"

Unfortunately for the star, he won't be able to hide away for long - he has promotional duties to fulfil for Cosmopolis, which opens in the US in mid-August.

Both guilty parties released public apologies when news of the indiscretion broke earlier this week, with Kristen saying she was "deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I've caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected. This momentary indiscretion has jeopardised the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I'm so sorry."

The married father of two told Reuters he was "utterly distraught about the pain I have caused my family. My beautiful wife and heavenly children are all I have in this world. I love them with all my heart. I am praying that we can get through this together."

Back in April, Rob told Vanity Fair magazine that he didn't understand infidelity. "There's a thing I've never got. That is - why do people cheat?" he said. "I'm not the casual affair kind of guy. If I choose to be with someone, it's because I really want it. When I have a relationship, I'm 100 per cent with it."

27/07/2012 12:56

Although this is basically their business, I cant help but think both parties have only come out to apologise because they have been caught (and how long would it have gone on for, if they hadnt?)

The papers said they were papped last week together getting it on in her car - its hardly a momentary lapse on her part,  especially if the rumous of something going on for a while are true.  Sad all round for all concerned, well the partners and children of these two.  R-Patz may leave Kristen but I'm sure the married guy will grovel his way back to wifey and kids. 

If R-Patz has been quoted saying he doesnt understand infidelity then the writings on the wall for their relationship.  It would be hard for anyone to deal with, without the world and their brother being interested too.

27/07/2012 13:22
Infidelity is unacceptable.. end of
27/07/2012 13:34
Once a cheat always a cheat!! I she respected R-Patz so much she would never have cheated in the first place

Our family watched her on the Graham Norton show and we were all seriously turned off by her
attitude. She was miserable, petulant and gave nothing to the conversation or the programme.

The most spoilt brat of a 22 year old in show business and now a cheating home-wrecker to boot. Her mother must be so proud.

You're well rid, Rob Pattison.

Now in doubt get the hell out. If he can't break up with her then hes a weaker man than I. If he can break up with her then he will be setting himself up for someone better.
27/07/2012 13:30
I knew she was a wrong'un! Kristen is pure ignorant and stuck up her own backside. I read ELLE when she was featured in it and she pretty much spoke in riddles....weirdo!
27/07/2012 18:33
Robert Pattinson seems like such a good, decent guy and, he does not believe in cheating. Some women don't know what they have until they lose him/her to another. Kristen Stewart might just kick herself if she cannot win him back. 
27/07/2012 18:36
the person you love & respect the most ? really??...erm, may i ask, do you know the meaning of love and respect??
27/07/2012 17:46
you show Kristen Stewart that you dont need a **** in your life.good on you Robert Pattinson.how can she say she love you then do the dirty on u
27/07/2012 18:55
Keep running and don't look back, Vampire Boy. She's a cheating slag. You can do better.

Bless him. I have to agree with Pattinson, I really do not understand cheating


Poor guy, I'd hate to find myself in that situation


Wish him the best

27/07/2012 17:28
Carlos Slim
What a defamatory, scandalous, ignorant statement! Basically what you're saying is all White women cheat and Thai women never ever do. Wow! Perhaps your Thai woman desires - with every fibre of her being - to live a better life than what she was born into and bows down and cater to your every need to keep you. Not to mention they are so desperate, they  would accept anyone even if they looked like the elephant man and have the personality of a gnat.  
27/07/2012 17:22
ok seriously i feel so sorry for him but come on am sick off hearing about her the stupid B***H she knew what she was doing when she dropped her knickers for him so basically she isn't sorry or she wouldn't off done it and good for him for moving out cos i wouldn't forgive her for what she did
27/07/2012 19:10
How many Twiglet fans do you think have committed suicide over this fiasco? I hate when people use that bull**** oh I love my partner so much, I'm so sorry. Always the same excuse. These people don't love anyone but themselves, and casual sex apparently.
27/07/2012 18:56
I hope he keeps away for good.  Not because I'm a deranged fan - I've never seen any of the Twilight films (or anything else he's in) - but because she's one of those miserable stuck-up type of women.  A few weeks ago she was complaining that everything comes too easy for her and wanted someone to "screw her over".  You got your wish, and that came easy, too, hey?  Here's hoping Pattinson has more self respect than to go back to such a seemingly self-obsessed person.  If she gets him back, she'll do it again.  Only next time she'll hopefully learn from mistakes and do it in a hotel rather than a car.  Wearing his clothes.
27/07/2012 17:31

carlos slim **** its noting to do with being a white woman your just being racist and its takes two to tango so dont even think about just blaming us women some men are to blame to. how pathetic are you

I feel sorry for both R-Patz and wife and family of the director, neither of these persons deserve the infidelity which is an unecessary issue. As for the director and actress I hope they sort themselves out as they really do deserve each other for their discrepencies...both are disgraceful, stupid and ignorant.
27/07/2012 18:25
They were so good together as well!! Kristen's an idiot!
27/07/2012 17:13

I'd love slap Kristen accross the face with a wet and smelly fish right about now... ****

27/07/2012 15:18
She must be off her head - the other guy is soooo boring looking!
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