28/07/2012 12:00 | By Lucy Mapstone, editor, MSN Celebrity
Rochelle Wiseman and Marvin Humes marry

Harry Styles and Una Healy

Harry Styles and Una Healy (© Big Pictures)
  • Harry Styles and Una Healy (© Big Pictures)
  • Ben Foden, Harry Styles and Una Healy (© Big Pictures)
  • Vanessa White (© Big Pictures)
  • Harry Styles and Una Healy (© Big Pictures)
  • Marvin Humes (© Getty)
  • Frankie Sandford (© Rex)
  • Oritse Williams (© Getty)
  • Ben Foden (© Rex)
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Una just couldn't let go of Harry on the way out! We're a bit gutted she had changed out of her bridesmaid dress - we wanted to see it.

28/07/2012 19:24

Microsoft have stopped us commenting on many items.

Why don't they stop these spammers writing about being single etc. and plugging websites. It's becoming almost impossible to read some of the legitimate comments as they are being outnumbered by the garbage.

Wake up Microsoft.

28/07/2012 15:15
who cares they got it wrong....BOTH OF THESE BOYBAND ARE CRAP
29/07/2012 08:26
everyday I see something about Harry Styles on msn, can you start reporting some real news please as this is getting so boring now !
28/07/2012 22:16

isnt una marred with a baby?????????

29/07/2012 08:16

i got marred but do they put it on the net no because we are normal people we are put to one side.

so who gives a f--k who they are ?

28/07/2012 21:04
Are Harry and Una falling into deep love? Isn't there an age difference?
29/07/2012 06:02
what is so special about styles!!! 18 yrs is cradle robbing for most of the girls that flock around him !!!!
28/07/2012 13:41
Well that all looks very lovely, but I don't know how pleased the Feathers Hotel will be at being described as in London - when it is in Woodstock, Oxfordshire.  Do your homework.

28/07/2012 16:24

actually i think that they will last..................... a pretty long time too


29/07/2012 10:08
Dirty Harry seems to be with a different girl every week... I wonder if he wasn't in the money, would any of these girls give him the light of day? Probably not!!!
28/07/2012 17:43
I think it will last between them by the looks of things. Congrats :)
28/07/2012 20:13
28/07/2012 15:41
I know that young people love to party - I did. But, there is something calculating in the way that boy and girl band singers have romances when picture spreads and photo opportunities bring in money. However, I suppose they are eye candy, so their relationships cant be too difficult or too much of a burden to cope with.
28/07/2012 12:48
well............. they are a good couple! :)
28/07/2012 12:56
she's not 'on the arm of Harry Stiles' - she's got her meathook round his neck.  Tell it like it is. gone are the days when she waits to be asked. now it's 'gimme gimme'.  she'll be busting his bells next
05/08/2012 21:55
aston looking hot there congrat on the couple too they ment to be i hope u are okay too
28/07/2012 16:15

they're so cute together but it won't last


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