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Rosario Dawson ‘very happy’ with new boyfriend Danny Boyle

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Rosario Dawson and Danny Boyle have been spotted out together in Brighton

Oscar-award winning Danny Boyle is pretty much the man of the moment thanks to his incredible work for the London 2012 Opening ceremony that kicked off the Olympics.

But we're not the only people who are chuffed with his work: his new girlfriend actress Rosario Dawson is also pleased with him, and has said she is 'very happy' to be dating the film director.

That's right. Danny Boyle is dating Rosario Dawson! The couple may have a 22-year age gap between them (he's 55; she's 33) but they've been keen on each other since meeting after he cast her to star in his next movie, entitled Trance.

Danny Boyle and Rosario Dawson (© Rex)

Rosario is most famous for her roles in movies including Sin City, Men In Black 2 and Seven Pounds... and we all know what Danny is famous for - namely Trainspotting, Slumdog Millionaire, 127 Hours and of course, the Isles of Wonder.

Speaking to Heatworld at a recent event, when asked about her relationship with the director, Rosario reportedly said she was "very happy" and that she thought the Opening ceremony was "breathtaking".

The pair's relationship only just came to light, after pictures of them together holding hands and kissing surfaced. The new couple were hanging around in Brighton a week after the Opening ceremony, of which she was a special guest.

On the night, she tweeted a picture of herself at the Olympic stadium, adding: "What an amazing honor to witness the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics!!"

The multi-award winning director is quite a change from Rosario's normal boyfriends: she has previously dated Sex And The City hunk Jason Lewis and French DJ Mathieu Schreyer.

Danny was previously in a 20-year relationship with Gail Stevens with whom he has three children, but they split in 2002.

06/08/2012 18:50
This just confirms love is definitely blind.
06/08/2012 19:32
State of Boil in comparison. Yuk she needs her eyes checked.
06/08/2012 19:50
maybe they met on one of those dating sites that keep getting mentioned on here !
08/08/2012 19:15

he's a sell-out sc umbag.

Taking 27 million pounds of Tax Payers to put in private corporation pockets for the ceremonies-Had the audacity to say the NHS was being starved of cash! HE'S A HYPOCRITE!

08/08/2012 00:23
You could fly a jumbo jet between them. Be careful who you walk next to, you'll be accused of having a relationship.
07/08/2012 09:11
06/08/2012 23:48
06/08/2012 19:08
We keep hearing how wonderful the opening ceremony of the Olympics was. Not everyone thinks so. It was difficult to figure out who was who and what was going on especially for foreign visitors. The Olympics are an International sporting event not an expose of the social history of Britain. And I'm afraid Paul McCartney can't hold his notes these days. There's a school of thought shared by many that the subject matter was inappropriate. The torch lighting and fireworks were fantastic but Danny Boyle should stick to Slum Dog and the like where he excels.
08/08/2012 09:37
What a lucky fella, Rosario is a catch and and a half, stunning
07/08/2012 06:16
if they are both happy why not. they are both getting somthing out  of being together
06/08/2012 23:40

They LOOK an odd couple but could be well matched. Who knows? Only they.

However, there is NO positive body language there. They look almost like two strangers passing. Wouldn't know they were together if we hadn't been told.

By the way, their children will be amazing!

He looks quite scary.........

06/08/2012 23:59

ha h a ha lol.,.she wont mind now but what will he be like in ten yrs.  he look so old and hagard now.

 looks like hes trying to hard to be so cool,   he let the whole country down with that load of ****e.

                       my auntie in canada and australia both said it was a disgrace,  left wing racist looney .

07/08/2012 10:50
He's the man of the moment, plus he can give her access to the best seats at the Olympics! Me thinks this romance was engineered by her PR advisers. Give her one now Danny, as the cauldrons not the only thing that'll go cold after the Olympics has ended!!!! ;-)
07/08/2012 10:46
WOW so she's willing to put up with a yellow toothed skeletor going thru a mid-life episode  all for money and notoriety?
  I've got £ 2 or 3 hundred under my mattress........ wonder what that will get me?

                            Perhaps Im just being cynical.    ; ~ )
06/08/2012 22:15
Let's respect the genius that is Danny Boyle.
06/08/2012 20:31

I have a 22 year age gap with my boyfriend but we're both Asian, so we suit.

I'm not racist but they just don't look right together and white people should just stick to their own..

06/08/2012 22:07

Respect the genius that is Danny Boyle.and why not?

06/08/2012 22:13
Let's respect the genius that is Danny Boyle.
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