22/07/2013 10:30 | By Rachel David, editor, MSN Entertainment

Royal baby news: Twitter celebs excited by the Duchess of Cambridge's labour

It's baby time!

We can't deny the fact that this is a very exciting time.

Prince William's wife has gone into labour and we are just hours away from meeting the UK's new little prince or princess.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are said to have arrived at St Mary's Hospital around 6am today.

Eagerly awaiting news from the media parked outside the labour wing is a host of celebrities. They simply can't contain their excitement and are already flooding Twitter with their best wishes. Come and take a look at who's been saying what...

Piers Morgan: "Keep Calm...and Carry On. #Kate #Labour"

Kelly Osbourne: "Its all so exciting The Royal Baby is on the way!"

Cat Deeley: Exciting, #RoyalBaby on the way xxxx"

Mel B: "Whoop whoop the royal baby is comming"

Imogen Thomas “Kate Middleton in labour! I'm sooooo excited! Boy or girl????! The name???! Can't wait to find out....#RoyalBaby”

Gemma Collins: “Oooo excited about the royal baby !!! Xxx have a lovely day tweeps x”

Francesca Hull: “GO KATE GO KATE GO KATE!!!!!!! This time its for real! #RoyalBabyWatch,"


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