07/03/2012 12:14 | By David Levin, contributor, MSN Celebrity

Should we be less critical of Stacey Solomon?

We all do stupid, senseless or irresponsible things sometimes (like the time we hugged Lee Ryan for a dare then wouldn't let him go until his security guard threatened violence!) but our bad behavior isn't splashed across Sky News or the Daily Mail because we don't have photographers trailing us in the vain hope that we'll slip up. But we're happy to judge celebrities like Stacey Solomon, who's been caught puffing on fags at seven months pregnant, because she's a public figure so the consensus is that she's fair game.

Stacey Solomon (© Rex)

Stacey Solomon has apologised for smoking while pregnant

The road to redemption
Even though what Stacey did wasn't wise, swift damage limitation is important and she swung into action just hours after the photos were released and gave a series of interviews. The first rule of redemption is never to make excuses for what you've done or issue false promises, so Stacey did the right thing by admitting that she was still smoking one to three cigarettes per day, but she tearfully conceded that "nothing that I can say makes it right," and "I don't condone it in any way and I think it's important that people know that." The remorseful star also admitted that her actions were "selfish" and could be harming her unborn child.

Stacey, who already has a son, has already been sacked from one endorsement deal, Foxy Bingo's Mum of the Year campaign, and time will tell if she will lose anymore. She replaced Kerry Katona as the face of Iceland after Kezza's dubious behaviour, so will the family-friendly brand dump Stacey as well?

Either way, all isn't lost for the Dagenham lass who has carved out a decent career for herself co-hosting shows like 'Love Machine' on Sky Living. What does the public love more than a good egg? A redeemed sinner! Someone who has seen the error of their ways and turned themselves around is often more popular than a star who behaved themselves from the start, probably because we take comfort in knowing that our fave celebrities are also flawed like we are.

Kate Garraway (© PA)

Kate Garraway was also spotted smoking while pregnant

Other famous mums who've been photographed smoking while they were expecting (and who bounced back) include Kate Garraway, who lit up just a few weeks before she gave birth to her daughter Darcey. At the time she said, "I am so cross with myself. I had done so well throughout my whole pregnancy and I can't believe I cracked at this late stage. Nobody can be more angry with me than I am with myself."

Kerry Katona was more defiant. She admitted that she smoked throughout her last pregnancy and enjoyed the occasional drink but wouldn't apologise for it. "I was smoking 20 a day before I was pregnant and I've cut down to one. In the morning, I like a little puff on a fag." She continued, "I honestly don't think a couple of puffs are going to do that much damage."

Back from the brink
Prince Harry's public persona has undergone a complete turnaround in the last few years. Not too long ago he was famous for dressing up as a Nazi soldier and stumbling out of clubs drunk and rosy-cheeked, then there was the leaked amateur video of him referring to "rag heads" and "Pakis."

"Someone who has seen the error of their ways and turned themselves around, like Stacey, is often more popular than a star who behaved themselves from the start."

As far as the press was concerned, the third in line to the throne was never expected to amount to much, but a massive overhaul of his image began in 2008 when he secretly served in Afghanistan and now he's on his first solo royal tour, representing the Queen in the Caribbean for her Diamond Jubilee. Harry has almost certainly had intensive lessons in diplomacy which will be put to use in official meetings on the tour, including one with the Jamaican prime minister where he'll attempt to convince them not to leave the Commonwealth!

Double standards
Wayne Rooney, Ryan Giggs and Ashley Cole are a few of the top flight footballers who have been caught up in cheating scandals recently and while they're reputations might have taken knocks , their popularity and earning power haven't suffered. They're all married (or, in Ashley's case, they were at the time), but as long as Rooney's form continues through the Euros, Giggs' legs withstand another season and Cole keeps scoring (on the pitch rather than off), all is forgiven.

Kate Moss (© PA)

Kate Moss managed to bounce back after her 'scandal'

Some stars indiscretions have been illegal, and they've managed to redeem themselves nonetheless. Kate Moss's "cocaine scandal" has been erased from most people's memories after photos of her snorting a white powder were splashed across papers in 2005. 'Cocaine Kate' as she was dubbed was questioned by police but never charged and she's never spoken publicly about the incident, so it's largely been forgotten. If Kate wasn't Britain's most famous supermodel, would her career have recovered so quickly? We doubt it.

Lindsay Lohan's brushes with the law have overshadowed her acting for over five years now, she's been behind bars and in rehab several times for cocaine possession, drink-driving and theft. But now she's trying to redeem herself by embracing the quiet life and claiming that she is a changed woman. "I regret the choices that I've made," she said recently, adding that she doesn't go clubbing anymore, "I've become more of a homebody, and I like that." But the repentant star also said that she knows it will take a very long time before Hollywood and her old fans trust her again.

But for a first-time sinner like Stacey Solomon, we should be more forgiving. Yes she's made a mistake, but she's remorseful and she's vowed to do her best to beat her addiction - hopefully with the support of her fans. And maybe we should lay off her, just a bit - you know, to stop stressing her out even more.

She is pregnant after all.

07/03/2012 14:27

I really admire Stacey and think that everyone should just back off her! Okay she made a mistake but who can honestly say they have never done the same.  No I dont agree wtih smoking whilst your pregnant but it is very easy for us as "non smokers" to judge when really it is no different to having an addiction to something else. You cant just give up it has to be done gradually. 


Anyway she is hardly the one and only mother to do this! I see it in my home town everyday!


I admire Stacey for coming forward and apologising.  She knows she has done wrong so I truly believe she will be an amazing mum. 

07/03/2012 20:52
Six Soldiers lost there lives, if all we can worry about  is Stacey smoking, well the Countrys gone bonkers.
07/03/2012 15:22
F##K sake leave her alone its her life and her child.
07/03/2012 15:07
Andrew Wallace.
I'm not sure how you can compare a person smoking a cigarette with putting one in a 1 year olds mouth!! that's not quite the same thing and you know it. I think you are just enjoying being horrible to someone who is fundamentally a really sweet, honest, kind, lovely person and you're enjoying sticking the knife in. I'm sure you're not perfect. In fact, i bank on it.
Stacey is a lovely person. she is a young girl. how can anyone even attempt to blame her of any intentional wrong doing. This has become a real problem with society. This mentality of trying to bash people verbally with the intention of hurting them. Sure i wouldnt mind that if it was for a murderer or someone evil, but for a sweet young girl. Me thinks there is a bit of a witch hunt going on. 
Its Staceys decision and hers alone. As long as fags are legal then the law states that if you are over the legal limit to purchase them, then you can smoke them. Last time i checked anyway, 
So, Stacey should think long and hard about her decision, but its hers to make, and i still think she is an angel from heaven.

07/03/2012 20:51
Give the girl a break - the stress caused by this constant hounding is probably doing more harm than the odd fag !
07/03/2012 20:37
I was shocked to see the effecr this had on Stacey whilst she was on This Morning, she is only smoking 1 to 3 fags a day, for God sake leave the poor girl alone.
07/03/2012 15:36
the posts on here are absolutely laughable, and as for the story its downright unfair, yes i agree we should leave her alone but placing the likes of Lohan, Moss, and Katona as a comparison for doing something wrong casts a very dark shadow over somebody having a slip up with cigarettes. At the end of the day as a smoker its not so easy to give up, i don't condone women smoking while pregnant at all but should we really be comparing her to criminals and drug addicts?? come on the PC Police strike again. get a life and leave this lass alone!
07/03/2012 20:47

Stacey if by any chance you are reading any of this, I hope you are heartened by all the support you have,

ignore the moronic comments they mean nothing.

07/03/2012 20:39

I Think there are worst things going on in this country,leave the girl alone look at what she does for people and her family,get a life you minority idiots.

07/03/2012 21:35
If there is one thing I loathe, its bloody do-gooders and jobsworths sticking their noses into other people's lives because they have f*ck all going on in their boring pathetic little existences. Here is another example of that!
07/03/2012 22:03

Wow,child molesters,clerics kiddie fiddlers,rapists getting of jail....all these goody two shoes should get off their high horses they are the reason so much is wrong with this country. We shout and moan about the small things but the big things get brushed aside.

get a life look in the mirror and face facts the girls done good stands out a mile as a shining example of what can be done with a bit of effort and one little thing has the hounds barking at her door.

I bet the people moaning that smoke do not class themselves as being a danger when smoking in public.

i will stop now........could go on for ages....goody two shoes are ruining this country political correctness gone wild.

07/03/2012 15:39

What a nice down to earth Woman, for god sake leave her alone,

There are too many people out there with long noses, get your own house

in order first, Get a Life, stop peeping through the window at other people.


07/03/2012 21:50

Stacey Solomon is a lovely girl who has worked very hard and a fab mum to her little boy xx give the girl a break she hasnt murdered anyone or harmed anyone. Jan Turner Rucorn


07/03/2012 21:36
For God sake stop criticising someone you don't know and probably wont ever meet as what ever they do or say doesn't affect you in any way so why give them a hard time, so what if Stacey smokes, it's her problem not yours. Yes I did used to smoke when I was pregnant and more than Stacey and can honestly say that contrary to what they say smoking isn't the primary cause of babies being born early or small etc as my son was actually born on his due date and was very heavy and my daughter was born a week late and was also heavy so please stop judging someone on something you no nothing about, oh and did you realise that stress contributes to the highest number of miscarriages, no I didn't think so therefore instead of wasting your life stressing a pregnant woman out get on with your own sad lives. Oh and just to let you know I'm not defending her because I am a smoker as in fact I gave up 15 months ago.
07/03/2012 20:37
Leave Stacey Alone.   People who have nothing better to do but complain about what other  folk do?????   get a life!!!!!
07/03/2012 19:07
It would be such a shame if this incident ruined all of her career. Yes, I'm not justifying smoking while pregnant, but plenty of people do it (probably more frequent than Stacy Solomon) and it doesn't affect their careers. Stacy has apologised in public and when we see that Foxy Bingo's Mum of the Year competition still has the cheating, attention-seeking Natasha Giggs in the running, I don't believe their axing of Stacy Solomon for having a few cigarettes was justified.
07/03/2012 21:03

you know the old saying, take the dirt out your own eye before you try to take the dirt out of someone elses.  okay, so its far from being sensible to smoke during pregnancy or even with children,

but at the end of the day we are all human with loads of human faults.  So for all you folk out there who are ready to jump on the band wagon and condemn loudly, would you care to invite us to spend  even one day in your life and could you guarantee that you would be perfect?. 

07/03/2012 15:10

Usual British story build someone up and then stab them in the back when they do something wrong.  I bet over half the people moaning about her who have kids smoked before giving birth and afterwards.  To many do gooders one of the things wrong with our society now.

Next thing we will hear is someone saying Iceland should cancel her contract.for smoking while pregnant.

07/03/2012 21:34
OMG .. there are so many perfect parents out there! She knew what she was doing....she knows the risks and has said so.  She, like most of us, is not perfect. Why do we as human beings feel the need to jump on others and bring them down?  Anyone who has an addiction knows how difficult it is to give up.  I'm sick of those who seem to think it's 'fun' to trash people they don't know and have never met.....leave the poor girl alone!
07/03/2012 21:19

let her get on with her life. how many children have been damaged by smoking.

i have seen an article on a girl who has allot  off chemicals in her body, her parents don't smoke they bought organic foods. SO where did they come from fumes in the air, fumes from furniture. we have pollutants from cars and PLANES.

SO leave the girl alone

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