20/12/2012 13:02 | By Lucy Mapstone, editor, MSN Celebrity
Simon Cowell confirms Carmen Electra romance

Simon Cowell and Carmen Electra are officially dating

Simon Cowell and Carmen Electra
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Eternal bachelor Simon Cowell appears to have finally found a lady to spend his time with: former Baywatch actress and glamour model Carmen Electra.

Simon, 53, became engaged to make-up artist Mezhgan Hussainy in 2010 but they parted ways earlier this year and the X Factor mogul has been linked to a couple of other women since. However, after rumours surfaced a few months ago that he was involved with US star Carmen, 40, he has now confirmed their romance. Well kind, of!

Speaking to Ryan Seacrest, he said: 'She's not my girlfriend. We're people who date. She's adorable, isn't she?' That's good enough for us!

Earlier this year Carmen - who was a guest judge on Britain's Got Talent alongside Simon - had labelled him a "sweetheart" and admitted that she was fond of him.

Whether or not they get serious is anybody's guess - Simon has never really settled down and Carmen has been married twice. Let's take a look at their love life histories: who have Simon and Carmen each been linked to before?

20/12/2012 17:08
A money grabbing tart with rich midget.

What could possibly have attracted Carmen to the multi millionaire Cowell?
20/12/2012 17:19
how much botox does that man pump inside that face! bet he carries round a puncture repair kit incase his face leaks!
20/12/2012 17:25
Love that Cowell's face never changes, but the number of chins keeps on increasing, obviously the portrait in the attic is failing!
20/12/2012 18:20
As much as I despise Mr Cowell for killing the music industry & filling it with talentless losers, I admire how he's managed to get stupid people to part with their cash.

If you vote for X factor by phone, then you're one of those idiots.
20/12/2012 17:50
They are two adults, up to them what they do 
20/12/2012 17:37
It's up to them what they do but I'm sure that her motive has to be money and his is ego.
20/12/2012 17:40
2 plastic people that deserve each other
20/12/2012 17:14
Yet another on the long list of bed mates (her, not him).  Probably getting involved with Cowell because he may not need for her to perform in bed, given all the rumours about his sexuality, so for her a win-win, easy life and no need to give out?
20/12/2012 20:26
Dont know what she sees in that knob Cowell.He,s in love with himself and i think he,s batting for the other side anyway.Dump him before he dumps you.
20/12/2012 18:50
thats the trade off , simon will give you a job on one of his shows if you come out and say you've dated , it was the same with danni minogue
20/12/2012 18:16
I guess they queue up to be latest 'wifelet' of this multi-millionaire.  The pay-off must be worthwhile cause he is not much to look and not the pleasant cookie in the box.
20/12/2012 17:27
Mmm, more like friends with benefits methinks!
20/12/2012 17:23

The old man's hormones are on the rampage again.  Zip up your trousers Cowell before you pass on something nasty. 

I wish them A MERRY XMAS and all the luck in the world.
20/12/2012 19:35
Funny how Simon is clean shaven but is always with a beard...
20/12/2012 22:59

Wish I was famous, even if you are an ugly old man u can still pull carmen electra! lol

21/12/2012 00:28
21/12/2012 09:41
Are people really convinced about this so called playboy image.I 've had my suspicions about him.
20/12/2012 18:01
Well i say good luck if ya got it let it flow:-)
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