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Skype video messages: Instructions on how to record

Record your video messages for the stars using Skype!

Here's how to record your video question using the Skype video message tool.

  • First, you have to click on this link to Install the latest version of Skype
  • Once that's done, go into it and search for msn.movies.
  • Then, press the + symbol next to where it says msn.movies' name (see picture below)
  • You will then have the option to 'send a video message'
  • How to leave a video message on Skype

Before hitting that button and recording your question, here are a few rules which must be followed:

  • Ideally, you should use a laptop or desktop computer to record your message.
  • If you do have to use a mobile or tablet make sure you hold it horizontally, so the video is landscape. We do not accept portrait videos and  If the quality is too bad, we won't be able to use your question
  • Please use a wired internet connection if possible. If you can't get a wired connection, wireless is ok as long as you have a broadband connection (minimum 2MBps)
  • If there is natural daylight in the room, ensure it is behind the webcam not in front of it. If you're a room with no natural light, turn on all the room lights. The more lighting the better!
  • Before you record your question, position yourself centrally in the video recording window and frame yourself so only your head and shoulders are in shot (see the picture above)
  • Before you start asking your question, you have to say your full name - you can say a quick fan message for the star(s) if you want
  • All questions must be no longer than 15 seconds, so remember to keep it short and sweet

If your question is original enough to impress us, we'll show it to your favourite star!

24/12/2013 09:20
Is there a deadline for this? No deadline was posted.
12/06/2013 12:26

I think Skype-is a load of Rubbish !

When my son came over from China-and tried to use my PC to make some contacts-he had a terrible job-and only once-ddid he mange it-and that was it-I tried to talk on vide-the writing on the sides-information-is far too small-tried to change it-no good-so never got in touch with my son-and brother in Australia-then-via my mail-and got a couple of "information " from skype-my Security told me-it was not really from them-and on about the Premium pay etc-this happened several times,meaning letters from so called Skype-which I had to try to read-as have Accasabilty reading and Narrator in-So as far as I am concerned-Rubbish-a couple of other pals,said the same-worked a couple of times,and then-trouble.


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