13/08/2012 11:43 | By Lucy Mapstone, editor, MSN Celebrity

Spice Girls tweet their post-Olympics party pics

Last night the Spice Girls played possibly the biggest gig of their life at the Olympics Closing ceremony. It was the last time they'll ever get together, too. Well, for now. You never know - in 15 years' time, Geri and co. might be dusting off their platforms again for 'one last show'.

After wowing the world with their spicy spectacle on top of London black cabs, the girls hit the town, and they hit it hard!

Clearly buzzing with the high of performing on the world stage, the girls hit the town to celebrate and kept on partying until the sun rose - news we like to hear!

The Spice Girls (© Twitter - Emma Bunton)

"PARTY!!!!" Emma Bunton tweeted along with this picture

The girls also partied with old sparring partner Liam Gallagher, who also performed at the ceremony. They used to be rivals back in the 90s (Oasis v Spice Girls, obviously) but now it appears the old divide has been banished.

Spice Girls and Liam Gallagher (© Twitter - Mel B)

Mel B shared this picture of the girls partying with Beady Eye frontman Liam Gallagher

Mel B, Emma and Geri managed to stay up the longest, with Liam in tow, and Emma shared a picture of them still enjoying their night well into the morning.

"Party till the break of dawn, and Mel is still in her outfit," Emma tweeted.

The Spice Girls and Liam Gallagher (© Twitter - Emma Bunton)

Spice Girls and Liam Gallagher, partying till the break of dawn!

The Spice Girls (© Twitter)

How happy do the Spices look right now?!

The girls kept tweeting to advice Mel B to change out of her stage outfit, which she was still wearing at 6am!

Mel C tweeted: "ffs @OfficialMelB it's done, get changed lol! x x"

Victoria, who didn't actually seem to make it out on the town with the girls, also tweeted a picture of herself afterwards. "Photo taken JUST off stage and totally overwhelmed. Thank you so much to all of our AMAZING fans, I love u,VB x" she posted.

Victoria Beckham (© Victoria Beckham - Twitter)

Victoria shows off her incredible legs after the Olympic Closing ceremony!

We're glad she had a good time - we thoroughly enjoyed it too!

13/08/2012 13:04

So glad she had a good time,how does she look when she's unhappy?

13/08/2012 13:06
Very sad; a gang of old has been's from the 1990's trying to cling onto former glories and riding the coat-tails of the magnificent Olympians. They were painfully out of tune for professional artists heading into their 40's. You'd think they'd be able to hold a tune after 20yrs of singing! Of all the fantastically diverse and challenging bands and singers they could have got and they went for the karaoke approach!
13/08/2012 13:20

There is a very simple reason why The Spice Girls are no longer seen selling thousands and thousands of CD's (either as a band or solo artists)...because their fan base of 12 year old girls are now grown women with brains and no longer feel the need to shout "girl power" to the world...So why would the organisers of the closing ceremony feel the need to inflict them on us again when their own fans stopped wanting them long ago.


If the public are not buying their material it's because the public are not interested...it's not rocket science.

13/08/2012 13:33
The miserable bitch still can't manage a smile even on a happy occasion as this. She must be embarrassed that she couldn't sing to save her life. It's pretty obvious that she is one of the Adams family !!
13/08/2012 13:36
miserable cow, still cant bring herself to smile, wrong beckham performed at the olympics
13/08/2012 13:21
Why were the ****e Girls there, over rated manufactured crap, actually better as solo performers with the exception of Pish spice who didn't do anything anyway.
13/08/2012 14:51
Shame VB's face lift still prevents her from smiling, wonder why she is out of the majority of the photos?
13/08/2012 14:50
See Victoria, still has not learnt how to smile, poor thing!
13/08/2012 14:46
Sour faced cow all the other girls looked to be enjoying it and not taking themselves too seriously except for one...yeah that sad old stick insect..
13/08/2012 12:56
Victoria ,  Please eat something,  You look so week and wasted .   X  
13/08/2012 14:57
13/08/2012 14:42
13/08/2012 14:36
It was good to see the spice girls perform once again but what was up with victoria she looked as if her face would crack .the other girls Mel B Ginger spice & sporty spice were realy enjoying there selfs and lifted the croud Victoria needs to give her face a joy ride.
What a miserable bitch is that becham woman.She only had to mime.
13/08/2012 14:12
Sorry you couldn`t have managed one smile Victoria, still as miserable as ever.
13/08/2012 13:56

Contrary to her tweet VB looked totally underwhelmed by it all. the rest of the girls looked very happy and laughing and smiling and having a good time, none of the pics with VB show her even smiling. What's wrong with the girl. obviously having ridiculous amounts of money doesn't make you happy.

She should pass some to me. that would certinly cheer me up :)

13/08/2012 12:50
WHY were they in the closing ceremony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Celebration of talent????
13/08/2012 14:11

It would be nice if just occasionally vb would smile as i think in the current climate she has a lot more to smile about than most people she just comes across as ungrateful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



13/08/2012 14:08
Time to put Spice Girls back in there time capsules and bring them out again when needed never!
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