16/11/2011 22:16

The Saturdays quizzed on their own lyrics!

The Saturdays - Rochelle, Una and Vanessa (© MSN Video)

Three-fifths of The Saturdays: can they handle a lyrics test?

Pop groups have to sing their songs over and over and over again, countless times, at gigs, TV appearances and rehearsals.

They should know the lyrics to their own songs so well, they can recite them in their sleep and guess them from the first mention of a word of any line, of any song they sing. In theory.

We were lucky enough to get the chance to meet the lovely ladies from The Saturdays, and quiz them (well, three of them - Rochelle, Una and Vanessa) on their very own song lyrics, Buzzcocks style.

How well do you think they did?

Watch the video and see how well the girls get on with their own lyrics!

It appears that Vanessa was the strongest contender with Una the weakest when it comes to lyrical testing. But at least she can blame it on the 'baby brain'.

MSN Celebrity has exclusive interviews with The Saturdays and we'll be sharing them with you, one a day, for the next week! Tune in tomorrow for our chat with Una...

The Saturdays' new single My Heart Takes Over is out now taken from the album On Your Radar out 21st November.Download the single from Zune!

17/11/2011 21:20
theyre just five young girls having the time of their life, whats wrong with that! someone once said, "if your gonna point your finger at someone, point three back at yourself"
18/11/2011 00:26
Look, if you had only made a very minor contribution to the songwriting process, such as a line here and there (just like the very attractive Saturdays), you would find it hard to remember what someone else had written........ Wouldn't you?
14/04/2012 18:40
Let off guys! The Saturdays don't mime and if you think they do don't waste ur time to tell everybody!!Leave ur options' to ur self
18/11/2011 01:00
Me personally, as soon as they make an appearance on tv, the mute button gets pressed and the spanner comes out. I couldnt even name a song they've done.Tongue out
17/11/2011 20:31
why learn lyrics when all you do is lip synch when allegedly singing live.
18/11/2011 09:06
So absolutely nothing in the news worth reading today. Not having a go at anyone in particular,just jump on first page that I came to to write something more interesting than above and this is a waste of typing too,I could be picking my nose right now.
17/11/2011 21:48
ah the first thumbs down from the jealous and bitter
oh dearSmileGod help me!!they dont need to learn the lyrics ,they just mimeTongue outyears ago i was mad about a Brazilian singer i knew all the lyrics from her songsDon't tell anyone

On the odd occasion when they really do sing and not lip-synch you would think they would remember the lyrics to their songs like other half decent singers, imagine groups like U2 or Coldplay for example forgetting what to sing.

It raises doubts as to their real talent or indeed if they really write their own material or have it written for them.

17/11/2011 19:12

don't like them . . . . never did like them . . . . . . Never will  like them, they are really bad.

17/11/2011 18:38
ther so good(yea right)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sarcastic
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