21/08/2012 15:58

Tom Daley, he’s sexy and he knows it! What he should do next…

Tom Daley

Model underwear for H&M: Move over Becks, there's a new fitter, cuter athlete who looks better in tiny trunks than you do AND more importantly he has a reason to be walking around in his smalls. Go and put your football kit back on, old man, Tom Daley has arrived.

Teach Cheryl Cole how to dive: Cheryl flirtatiously and very publicly asked Tom to give her private diving lessons on Twitter, so they're probably planning their play date right now and we're sure they'll have a splashing good time, making him the envy of just about every bloke in Britain. Tom could even start a side business teaching lovely ladies how to pull shapes in mid-air. Form an orderly queue Tulisa, Kelly Brook, Nicole Scherzinger...

Find a famous girlfriend: We'd love to see Tom become Caroline Flack's next toy boy...she likes her men very young, obviously. But as much as we can picture them holding hands and skipping through a park gazing in each other's eyes, we're a bit concerned that naughty Ms. Flack would corrupt young Master Daily, if you get our drift.
Caroline could also school Tom on how to make his 15 minutes of fame stretch out for an eternity!

Get a job on the telly: After seeing how up-for-it he was on the Jonathon Ross show, turning up in nothing but speedos and a tie because "the invite I got said smart casual," we say get this fella a microphone and put him on TV now! Another benefit of having a fling with Flack is that she could give him a job when Olly Murs gets her goat and she banishes him from Xtra Factor.

Star in a Christmas panto: We reckon that just about every young Olympics fan in the nation would pay good money to see Thomas dressed up as an adorable, big-dimpled Prince Charming in panto in Plymouth.
For the grand finale he could rip off his trunks, climb up the scaffolding to dive into a wading pool!

Start his own rival to Facebook or Twitter: The Daily Daley! During the Olympics Tom beat athletes with much bigger worldwide profiles including even Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps, to be the most popular Olympian on social media! The virtual champion had the most Twitter followers AND the most Facebook fans during the Games, so why stop there? He could create his own social network, The Daily Daley, and could become an internet entrepreneur before he hits 20!

Get some showbiz mates: Tom's already had a few famous faces lining up to congratulate him since he won Bronze and he could probably get himself on any invite list he wanted to now that he's one of the most popular people in all of Britain. One of his new mates is Liam Payne from One Direction who phoned him up after he heard that the diver had been bullied on Twitter and they went out for a cheeky night in London recently.

Award-winning author: Eighteen years old might seem very young to release a biography but Tom's been through a lot in the last 18 months, losing his dad to cancer and winning an Olympic medal while doing his A-Levels! He proved that there's a massive market out there for his books when hundreds of fans camped overnight in the rain to meet him at a signing so we're expecting plenty more books to come, suggested headlines include 'Tom Daley: the early years', 'Tom Daley: the years inbetween the Olympics', and 'Tom Daley: Life after Caroline Flack'.

Release a single and top the charts: Judging by his really-quite-good LMFAO spoof video on YouTube, Tom can dance and he can lip synch, and those are the only two things you need to be a pop star these days...someone sign him up now! He could even ask his new One Direction mates to do backing vocals...

Go for Gold: Start preparing to win Gold in Rio! Tom's already got his eye on the main prize in four years time, saying, "It does sound old - being 22 - but diving peak is normally around 22 so hopefully I can go out there and be more consistent and challenge for the gold medal."

An Olympic champion with showbiz mates, a best-selling book, a modeling contract and a chart-topping single...if anyone can do all that it's Mr. Tom Daley, our new hero.

And speaking of which, here's our take on why Tom and his rumoured lady love could be the next hot thing on the block...

New Celebrity power couples (© Twitter/Tom Daley)
  • New Celebrity power couples (© Twitter/Tom Daley)
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Tom Daley and Kassidy Cook
21/08/2012 17:03
This article is just peurile : dredging the depths, so to speak ,of inane comments that are supposed to pass as wit ! The writer clearly cannot see beyond the shallow, fake celebrity goldfish bowl and clearly has no understanding of Tom Daley or  what makes him tick. Enought to send him off the deep end for good.
21/08/2012 20:22
loved tom since he started thought he had and has great potential aslong as he does'nt go over board he should take a leaf out of cliff richards book be in front of the public but keep his private life as his private life and i think the lad will be happy
21/08/2012 23:22

Wow MSN really are the most 2 faced media organisation ever let loose


A few days ago they were berating Trolls on Twitter and a 1D comic for publishing articles about Carolyn Flack and now they are say TD should date her .... I quote ''''shes likes her men very young obviously''


Mr Murdoch would be so proud

21/08/2012 22:17
The boy is GAY GAY GAY I am telling you............
21/08/2012 22:16
The boy is gay!!!!!! I am telling you
23/08/2012 15:53
I love how David Martin is berating everyone else for their pictures, yet he seems to have the literacy age of a 10 year old.

What's wrong Davey? Got nothing intellectual to say? Or is your profile pic the greatest thing you have ever acheived?

Ever considered a career as a diver?
23/08/2012 13:24
I think Tom Daley should fulfil his dream of posing for a gay magazine, and come right out of that closet in spectacular fashion.
22/08/2012 17:27
I'm not into swooning over people just for the sake of it.They have to do something else,not pose just be thermselves.So many are trying too hard and for what.Tom has what it takes but the others,take em or leave em.
21/08/2012 16:47
Tell you what he should do, he should sod off.. tv is filled up with dickwits who think they are entertaining just because they won some event or other.. just go away little boy.
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