25/09/2012 10:36 | By Lucy Mapstone, editor, MSN Celebrity
Tulisa and other stars talking about losing their virginity

Tulisa reveals when she lost her virginity

Tulisa Contostavlos
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Tulisa Contostavlos has revealed in her new autobiography - Honest: My Story So Far - that she lost her virginity at the young age of 14.

The book, which is being serialised in The Sun, tells all about the 24-year-old's life, mostly focusing on her troubled past and her rise to the top. Her latest revelation comes with regret, however, at losing her 'innocence' so young.

"If I hadn't been saved by music, I'd most likely be living with a drug dealer on a rough council estate," she said.

"I can still count on my fingers and toes the number of guys I've slept with. A good percentage of those encounters happened between the ages of 14 and 17 and that felt like a lot, even at the time.

"Despite my street-girl persona, I was totally into the idea of fairytale romance."

However, Tulisa isn't the first celebrity to discuss openly about their early years of sexual encounters. Over the years, we've learned quite a lot about how favourite stars' first time 'doing it'... find out who and when, and in some cases, where!

25/09/2012 14:24
just proves what a tart she is. and she wants to be an inspiration to today's youngsters ?
25/09/2012 14:21
Too much information!!! Who cares. Is how low she is stooping to gain headlines. Waste of Space!!
25/09/2012 14:31
so between the age of 14 and 17 she admits to sleeping with at least 20 men. nothing to be proud of, just proves what a slapper she is
25/09/2012 14:29
Good inspiration for young kids, Tulisa...
Seriously what is wrong with this generation?

25/09/2012 14:30
Everyone knew she was Chav Slapper anyway
This is the famed 'Britains sexiest woman' / 'teen idol/role model' who not only cried foul at having a sex tape of her performing oral sex out in public, she now openly admits she was shagging around at 14?

Yeah. Brilliant role model this one.
25/09/2012 14:35
Only one sort of person would brag about it Tulisa!
25/09/2012 17:00
Is she not capable of talking about anything other than her sex life and drugs?  How much lower is she going to sink into the gutter?  What a totally disgusting role model she is for the young generation of today!
25/09/2012 16:11
Well thankyou Tulisa!! Does she have to advertise that fact? Its hard enough bringing up girls as it is without her and other stars giving out personal information like that...I hope this doesn't infuence even more girls out there to have sex underage. Some things are best left unsaid! I don't need my teenaged daughter thinking its cool to have underage sex because one of the stars she idolises has.
25/09/2012 16:39


autobiography at 24 ?? taking the ****


25/09/2012 14:34
Is this slapper meant to be some sort of role model to kids? Allowing herself to be filmed noshing a geezer off and then moaning when he puts it on the web. Then this little revelation - What a ****!!
25/09/2012 15:33

What a dirty-custard-coloured-hair-chav.....And she wants to be a role model/insperation for young people,says a lot about her,talent-less,desparate for fame,chav,she is EVERY THING thats bad about this country.... Not suprised the scummy sun printing her eh hem"life story,so far"its a chavy paper.

25/09/2012 16:09
Tell the world, why don't you.....It's nothing to be proud of......That is if you have any respect for yourselves !

So, there you have it straight from the "horses" mouth. Miss T is the archetypal chav slag, my point all along. She is quoted, “I can still count on my fingers and toes the number of guys I've slept with", what it doesn't say is that she struggles not to use her thumbs. Yes we all had experiences when young, but didn’t broadcast the facts. Judging her “career” thus far, there must be a single due out!


Is it any wonder with this type of role model a young girl has gone to France for a weekend with her maths teacher and between them they organised it so badly they simply got found out?

Tulisa and the like, reality TV and the attitudes of the media are very much to blame for that sort of thing; if teenagers cannot make informed choices they will simply make bad choices through lack of experience and naivety. What the hell makes a recently married man risk his career and a place on the sex offenders register? I’m no prude, but really, what is going on in his head?

These are disturbing times.

25/09/2012 14:38
The only surprise is that she was THAT old. Another great example of a talentless dimwit that is famous for being.......what? Do I want her to be held up as someone to look up to for my children? Not on your nellie.
25/09/2012 15:50
Just about sums her up doesn't it !  Foul mouthed, uncouth chav.
25/09/2012 14:32
Everyone knew she was a Chav Anoyying **** anyway!
25/09/2012 20:26
Tulisa, The Sun, bragging about underage sex, typical role model for girls/women

...it's all too much. I need to die now please, quickly.
25/09/2012 15:38

Surely any self respecting women would keep these sort of details to herself?  Bragging about your sex life doesn't paint you in a very positive manner. Let's hope the British public get bored of this girl and she goes away.  I don't think it would be any great loss to Saturday night TV and the music industry.  Judging by what I saw on the X Factor she'll be mentoring people a lot more talented!!

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