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Tulisa confirms sex tape: I’ve been betrayed

Tulisa Contostavlos has admitted she is "devastated" in a video she has released on YouTube, following the internet circulation on of an intimate video between herself and her ex-boyfriend.

The former N-Dubz singer, who also apologised to her fans for any offence caused, has obtained an injunction banning anyone from using, publishing or communicating or disclosing all or any part of the film that was released earlier this week.

Tulisa (© PA)

Tulisa is 'devastated' about the video leak

The 23-year-old shared a video with fans over her Twitter account explaining that she has "been in bits for the past few days" but that she isn't "the type to sit down and keep my mouth shut about anything".

She confirms that it is her in the intimate clip, with her ex-boyfriend Justin Edwards (also known as MC Ultra) and shows pictures to her fans of herself and Justin from a few years ago.

"This is someone I loved and respected and was very close to, we did a lot of things for each other and never expected a scenario like this," she explained.

"I can be honest when I say this isn't unexpected. About six months ago I got a call from mutual friends, saying that apparently he has this footage of me that he's been threatening to bring out for whatever reason, to make money or to ruin my career. I confronted him on this situation; he lied about it, completely denied it."

"As you can imagine I'm devastated," she added.

"I'm not going to sit here and be violated or be taken advantage of by anyone."

"When you share an intimate moment with someone that you love, you care about and you trust, you never imagine for one minute that that footage may at any point be shared with the rest of the UK or the rest of the people around the world.

"As you can imagine, it's a pretty tough time for me, but I don't feel that I should be the one to take the heat for it, or the stick. This was something that he took upon himself to put online and he is now sitting in silence pretending that it's not him.

"I'm not going to sit here and be violated or be taken advantage of by anyone."

She continued: "As much as this is nothing to do with me and it's not my fault and I do feel victimised, I apologise to anyone that this has offended. I know for a fact that it will never happen again."

The X Factor judge rounds off the video asking that people not judge her, but that if they do, they must judge Justin too.

Tulisa shot to fame as a member of N-Dubz, a band formed with cousin Dappy and ex-boyfriend Fazer in 2000. Since 2011 she has been a judge on television talent show The X Factor and mentored last year's winning act Little Mix.


Why tape it in the first place, you know it wll come back and bite you in the arse!

It's not like she did something we all don't do!!! 

She performed a sexual act on her former partner with whom she had a relationship with at the time. 


People get over it, as everyone, including your mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, daughter, aunt, cousin, you name it, has done it!  So leave the poor girl alone.  She's embarrassed enough already!!!
22/03/2012 19:06

I find it ironic that most who are criticizing are male.....you're the ones who pester for it. As for filming it's commonly printed in magazines as a way to spice up your sex life (I bet if a girl said to anyone of you guys, 'do you want to film it' you would be delighted!) and she thought she could trust him - they were in a relationship after all not just some one-nighter or whatever. He's the one at fault.

22/03/2012 20:48

Hi all,

I know it may be easy for a lad to say this but, it really doesn't make her a bad girl at all, There are loads of people that film themselves like this, for their own entertainment but he is the dumb and childish one that has posted it, makes him the smaller person in my eyes.


I am not a fan of N-Dubz at all but I think Tulisa has been really mature about it and if I was to say anything to her it would be to keep your head up high and carry on bab :-)


We cant be angry at her for filming it though, really, I bet there really are tonnes of people out there that film moments like this.


Keep smiling Tulisa! x

22/03/2012 13:03
It just proves her taste in men is rubbish!!!

ps. I'm off to Youtube. :D
22/03/2012 15:17
Stop hating.......she only gave him a ****.......we ALL do it, just that millions have watched her perform it. Chin up Tulisa!!!
22/03/2012 18:40

To be honest, this puts HIM in a far worse light than it does her.


What girl would want him now? He has shown he is n't to be trusted by anyone if he does that to someone he supposedly cared for.


Girls steer clear of him ! Beware.


It is a cautionary tale though to anyone male or female who allows themselves to be filmed by a plonker. 


22/03/2012 14:05
Hey this may come as a surprise but most of us have sex and it isn't always just missionary intercourse with the lights out! Tulisa was of age and doing NOTHING WRONG! I like many have done the odd bedroom video for fun with my significant other in a warm and trusting way so why the criticism of her??? The little slimeball that broke trust and released the tape is the one everyone should criticise and hate. She is not a hore, **** or anything, just a victim of a terrible breach of trust and I for one won't stop liking what she does on TV.
22/03/2012 19:59

I have an intimate moment with my wife 2 or 3 times every week but i don't film it.

22/03/2012 17:07
Apparently she has now obtained a "gagging order" I thought she already had one of those from MC Ultra???
22/03/2012 15:16
Some people on here are a joke! Yes, she is guilty. If loving and trusting someone was the crime! It doesnt make her dirty or disgusting because she made a sex tape with someone she loved, she just trusted the wrong person and everyone makes mistakes.
22/03/2012 18:57

Don't worry about it, easier said than done. He his just a **** for putting it on there, what goes on behind close doors is you business no one else is.  

22/03/2012 16:42
She was looking straight in the camera in the video which shows she fully knows what she was doing. Lesson to everyone - don't film stuff you do in the bedroom unless you are a pornstar. Dumb ****!
22/03/2012 15:23

Tulisa i haven't seen the video your ex has posted. You have nothing to be ashamed about. This was someone you loved and trusted. He has let himself down. He is the one who should be ashamed and I hope that other young ladies he comes into contact with will realise by his actions he is not a decent or trustworthy person.


I think you are a lovely young lady and a good role model for the young of today. Wishing you continued success in your career and personal life. Best wishes Lilian

22/03/2012 18:47
Firstly, I can't comment on the video as I don't see the need for a cheap thrill. Let the low life who posted the video have his 5 minutes of fame I think some people vent their frustrations, inadequacies and anger at Tulisa because they are sad specimens of society. We are too quick to judge others and forget to analyse our PERFECT lives.  
22/03/2012 15:29
Everyone has intimate moments with there partners and do stuff with there partners out of love . in actuall fact Tulisa has done nothing wrong.
22/03/2012 19:52
A little piece of advice, ladies: if the footage doesn't exist to begin with, it can't be leaked. Kapeesh?
22/03/2012 21:51

Some of you trolls need to get a life and find something better to do. I'm all for people having their own opinion but do you have to be so nasty? She was only 19 when this happened and its obvious that she was IN LOVE with this guy and he has done this out of jealousy / revenge or mental instability!

She seems a genuine down to earth girl that has the guts to post a response on twitter WITHOUT MAKEUP! rather than run off to a publicist like Max Clifford or hide behind Simon Cowell for protection - Cut the girl some slack, this country is in recession but British Music is in its ELEMENT Tulisa has got a lot to contribute so recognise her for that - not what some broke DJ wants to dig up as his next money earner!  

22/03/2012 14:28
Just downloaded the video, mmmmmmmm nothing special, today's news, tomorrows fish and chip wrappers, (when that was legal), end of the day, if you don't want this stuff leaking on the net then don't make the tape in the first place.
22/03/2012 16:18

Why on earth would she allow herself to be filmed doing this sort of thing in the first place?,surely,she could've guessed where this video was eventually going to end up.

There's a deal of difference between trusting naivete and just plain dimwittedness.

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