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What's next for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes?

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes (© PA)

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

It's only a few short years since Mr and Mrs Cruise got engaged at the Eiffel Tower after two months together and got hitched in an Italian castle in front of guests like Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez. It all seemed too good to be true, and it was...Katie filed for divorce on 29 June and it sounds like no one was more surprised than Tom himself.

What Katie did next...
As Tom woke on his 50th birthday a few days after the news had sent shockwaves through Tinsel Town, he probably wasn't too thrilled to learn that Katie was suddenly the biggest star in the world, being swamped by paparazzi and on the cover of newspapers all over the planet. But it was business as usual for her this week as she filmed a guest spot on 'Project Runway' and pointedly wasn't wearing her 5-carat engagement ring. People would have understood if she'd cancelled or postponed her appearance but hey, if you're sure about something like Katie obviously is, why wait to unleash the new you?

Katie Holmes (© PA)

Katie Holmes

She certainly didn't seem like a woman going through a major trauma and official documents back that up, as according to TMZ Katie declared on her divorce papers that the marriage was over six months ago - which means her tears have already been shed, her plans have been put in place and she's ready to begin her new life.
She's also claiming that she and Suri have had their main residence in New York for two years despite the family home being in Beverly Hills. It's where she lived before they got hitched but the Big Apple means much more than that, as custody disputes settled there are more likely to favour one parent while the reverse is true in California where they prefer 50/50 custody settlements. According to reports Kate's filed for sole custody in a bid to protect Suri from being sent to a strict Scientology school by Tom.

No matter what the court's decision is, there really is a sense that Ms Holmes is emerging into the light, that she is going to blossom now that she's not in Tom's shadow anymore. Before they married she was an A-lister in her own right with films like Batman Begins and Phone Booth, but can you name a single hit she's been in since they married? (No peeking at IMDB!) In the future, we see Katie starring opposite George Clooney and Colin Firth in glamorous leading lady roles. After Tom split from his last wife Nicole Kidman she went on to win an Academy Award and we see the same in Katie's future - it'll be even sweeter because Tom's never won one himself!

As for who Katie will do next, we'd like to see her pair up with a hunky hottie like Gerard Butler, Bradley Cooper or Jake Gyllenhaal. We're rooting for Jake because then we can call them 'Kake'!

Suri's next chapter...
If Katie wins sole custody of Suri, 6, it means that she alone can decide her daughter's religion and education, putting a stop to Tom's rumoured plans to indoctrinate Suri into Scientology.

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise (© Rex)

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise earlier this week

We can see it now... fast forward ten years and Suri will rule New York's Upper East Side and be a real life Gossip Girl with a carefree posse of famous girlfriends. Heidi Klum and Liv Tyler are both single moms living in the city so we wouldn't be surprised if they reach out to Katie and their kids become good friends. Kate should also reconnect with her old Dawson's Creek crony Michelle Williams, who also lives in NY, and befriend her daughter Matilda who is a similar age to Suri.

Not in Cruise control anymore...
We do feel sorry for Tom Cruise, turning fifty this week without a big blowout bash. He said in an interview recently that he planned to do something lowkey with his family on his birthday but the reality was a cold film set in Iceland where he's filming the scifi movie Oblivion, and a ready meal for one.

Tom Cruise (© PA)

Tom Cruise

He released a brief statement after the shock divorce filing saying that he was "deeply saddened" but his first exclusive interview following the split just has to be with Oprah Winfrey, after the infamous, cringeworthy TV appearance when he 'jumped the couch' - sprang up and down on her yellow sofa declaring his love for Katie like a loon. Wonder if they'll pull that same couch out of storage for the occasion? He'll talk about devastation and betrayal, but behind the scenes Tom must've known something wasn't right. And he won't be down for long; he's a very strong force in Hollywood with a massive support network, most notably the almighty Church of Scientology.

His A-list pals like Will Smith and Jodie Foster will flock around him and we're sure Tom will find a new partner soon - all three of his wives have been famous actresses so he only needs to look back at his co-stars for potential dates... Cameron Diaz (who he starred with in Knight And Day and Vanilla Sky) is single, and he can call up his Rock Of Ages co-star Russell Brand to be his wingman!

Or perhaps he'll ask out some up-and-comers who might appreciate a leg up to the a-list (similar to what he did with Nicole and Katie) like Amanda Seyfried or even Lindsay Lohan! Or with three failed marriages, could Tom forgo only dating actresses and meet a nice teacher or nurse and retire to the country with his $375 million fortune? We seriously doubt it.

Either way, Tom and Katie's fairytale romance was just that - a fairytale. And sadly, fairytales aren't real, even in La La Land.


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