26/08/2013 14:30
When bad faces happen to beautiful celebrities

Katy Perry and other stars who were caught on camera at the wrong time!

Katy Perry (© REX)
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Blimey, we had to do a double take when we saw this snap of the normally beautiful Katy Perry leaning on Adam Lambert at a MTV VMAs after party.

The singer looked rather terrifying to be frank and the grill perhaps isn't the most flattering look either...

On a good note, this is one of the few times we have seen Miss Perry look a bit on the scary side!

Take away the grill and Katy's exorcist-girl-facial-expression and it's not a bad photo.

Click on the photo to see more celebs who got snapped at the wrong time!

Do you think the 'grill' is a good look on stars? Leave your comments in the box below and tweet us @msnents.

03/05/2012 21:58

Rihanna's on the bus, Rihanna's on the tube's, Rihanna's walking about, Rihanna's in the house, Rihanna's breathing, who's handling the PR?

And who writes this bulls**t?

Now that would make more interesting than this cr*p.

03/05/2012 18:15
Kelly Osbourne a beautiful woman? when?
03/05/2012 18:22
Where's Amy child and Katie Price. They both constantly have faces like a slapped arse.
03/05/2012 20:19
Rihanna is average whichever way you look at her, 
03/05/2012 18:28

Rihanna , way way overrated especially by herself,shes only decent from navel to knee

03/05/2012 22:05
SORRY but to me she was never beautiful
03/05/2012 19:38
The person who wrote this story must be really dumb. The still pictures you show us are probably taken from millions of photos however, what amazes me is that you want us to believe that the singer walks around with her face like this all day every day. Did you not think for one minute she is probably about to have a yawn??..

You media people are getting worse as time goes on. You are beginning to just say anything for the sakes of saying it , hence always looking like right lemons. Kind of reminds me of the **** in a group conversation.

03/05/2012 23:15

Average chick,but are,nt they all without the slap?


03/05/2012 18:22
Bad face, kelly osbourne she's constantly alway got a bad face because she's damn right ugly like rest of the family except for her sister who nobody ever sees.
03/05/2012 23:14
............and so none of us have ever have a bad photo taken ....have we ?    nah we're all perfect.... are'nt we ?
03/05/2012 18:55
This is ridiculous. She is obviously still wearing foundation, mascara, eyeliner and lipstick. FFS.
03/05/2012 18:28
Still beautiful without the slap???? Don't think so!
03/05/2012 19:20
does it matter she hasnt got make-up on what has society came to? now your not even allowed to walk around with no make-up on without being publicly disgraced, Shes still beautiful just let her live her life-you only live once!
03/05/2012 23:12
So What? Is it really harming anyone? not as if they are attacking anyone, right? you should take pictures of politicians at their worse, give us a real laugh...
03/05/2012 17:54

just as i thought ... rihanna ... a moose

03/05/2012 18:14

we need to see more of what celebrities look like without the mask, that will help us to stop borrowing money to look like them.



03/05/2012 23:10
Who cares?  ooooh ... human turns out not to be perfect! 
03/05/2012 19:16
don't worry, a team of plasterers will soon have her face back on again
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