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Susan Kennedy star on tough plot

Jackie Woodburne said it was hard finding a tough side to Susan

Jackie Woodburne said it was hard finding a tough side to Susan

Neighbours star Jackie Woodburne has said it's been a challenge to turn her character Susan Kennedy into the "mother-in-law from hell" for a recent storyline.

The actress admitted that Susan has sometimes been portrayed as saintly in the past, and said she's had her work cut out for her in scenes in which she clashes with son-in-law Dan Fitzgerald (Brett Tucker).

Jackie said: "As the story progressed it became apparent that we were going to have to go to the extremes of the less attractive qualities of our characters."

She went on: "We talked about it and decided to go for it - he would be the overbearing husband and Susan the mother-in-law from hell.

"Brett really brought out Dan's overbearing nature and for Susan I really had to find that part of her that's controlling and bossy and not all that pleasant. She's almost been Saint Susan in the past and to find the aspect of her that's uglier is a challenge."

In recent weeks, there has been tension between Dan and Susan, who is acting as a surrogate for her daughter Libby (Kym Valentine), particularly after Dan handed a large sum of money to his ex-wife without consulting anyone.

Jackie added that Susan is acting with her daughter's best interests at heart, saying: "I believe she's doing it out of love for Libby and a desire to help Libby and Dan to have a child."

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