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Daryl Hannah in private jet terror

Daryl Hannah's private jet had to make an emergency landing

Daryl Hannah's private jet had to make an emergency landing

Daryl Hannah was left fearing for her life when the private jet she was flying in lost cabin pressure and had to make an emergency landing.

The Kill Bill star - who confessed she already suffered a fear of flying - was travelling from Hamburg in Germany to Vienna, Austria as part of her environmental work, according to German newspaper Bild.

Daryl, 53, was travelling in a Cessna Citation 525 private jet when an alarm sounded at 10,000m, apparently caused by a sudden drop in cabin pressure. Oxygen masks dropped, and the plane made an emergency landing at Klagenfurt airport.

Daryl told the paper she was left "breathless" by the event. She said: "I'm already scared enough of flying, when suddenly the oxygen masks appeared. Luckily nothing happened."

The loss of pressure was reportedly due to ice in the cabin door seal of the jet and the plane continued safely to Vienna.

The Splash star was on her way to visit a solar energy facility, with Austrian entrepreneur Martin Kristek, as part of a promotional tour for the company Care Energy.

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