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Soap's Bob still hopes to find love

Bob Hope hatches a plan to charm the ladies of the village - but it backfires

Bob Hope hatches a plan to charm the ladies of the village - but it backfires

Emmerdale barman Bob Hope's latest scheme to woo the ladies is set to completely backfire on him, according to the actor who plays him Tony Audenshaw.

The single dad of twins hatches a plot to meet women, including Brenda Walker and new vet Vanessa after he sees Brenda reading Wuthering Heights and decides to organise a special literary evening for the ladies of the village.

But it all goes wrong when he ropes in pal Dan Spencer to dress up as heartthrob Heathcliffe, and all the ladies fall for him.

Tony told Inside Soap magazine: "Bob gives Vanessa free wine, but she ends up kissing Dan before leaving alone. Then Brenda kisses Dan as well.

"Bob's shocked and there's also a little hint of jealousy.

"Of course Brenda's leathered - they're clearing up when she makes a grab for Dan. Brenda looks really nice that night, and she's quite lively and a bit of a laugh, so I think Bob's starting to see her in a different light."

But the actor refuses to reveal if this could be the start of a new relationship for Bob or Dan.

Tony teased: "I think Bob would be suited to many ladies in the Dales. As we see, he quite likes Vanessa - and he'd have a crack at Rhona if she were single!

"He's had a brush with Val in the past, so he could come back to that, and there's always been a lot of flirting between him and Bernice.

"Actually I think Bob would probably go for most women in the village - thought maybe not Edna!"

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