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January - Kim Kardashian on her short marriage

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28/12/2012 01:50
The whole lot of 'em except maybe a hand full are just there for the sake of it, sick of their faces everywhere I go. 
28/12/2012 02:09
There's not really anybody in my league so I'm gonna settle for a guy that beats me... Nice reasoning dimwit
28/12/2012 02:57
wow what a bunch of unlikeable morons and some poor idiots idolise these people?
24/12/2012 20:46
If he was it was probably the same thing that Chezza smokes when she claims that she must have been good if people think that she's miming when allegedly singing live.
28/12/2012 02:54
get over yourself Rhianna I think your musics ****

Common sense - or lack of it  seems to escape most celebrities , it makes you wonder how they walk & talk at the same time ? . Natural selection takes care of most , as the years advance you will see the dead wood drop by the roadside . Can you see most of the people pictured being around in 25 years ? . Most  , as with Cowell  make their own publicity to keep things going & keeping in the news , he gossips to the papers about his conquests ,would a real  "hetro" playboy do that ? .

28/12/2012 07:54
See, having money doesn't make you better than anyone else. You can still be bloody stupid and ignorant and too up yourself.

... * article includes ... dare I say it  : `beautiful-tramp Kristen and beautiful-dudess Katie ` ~


( I think it`s ` I`llgetawaywithit-able ! ` )

28/12/2012 09:16
A northern saying,"she lkes the smell of her own farts" just about sums it up.
28/12/2012 09:03
Majority of these people haven't a clue what the real world is
28/12/2012 05:01
shallow ppl, sad when they die no  fecker will be at the funeral
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