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Celebrity quotes of the week, 11 May

Simon Cowell mocks The Voice

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11/05/2012 12:08
No Alex you were the double for 'Wilson' in Cast Away.....

11/05/2012 17:36

Tulisa is more religeous now?

Does that mean she'll be spending even more time on her knees?Open-mouthed

11/05/2012 11:11
the only thing your known for alex is wearing womens clothes and getting married to old bags
11/05/2012 14:28
And what makes Katona think the she as star quality,, ugly talentless b1tch
11/05/2012 11:05
Haha yeah right Alex Reid, more likely you were Jason Squires body double in saving ryans privates, they needed a D i C K Less wonder for the scene when his junk gets blown off.
11/05/2012 13:53
11/05/2012 11:22

Cowell says its more than just teh voice "you have to have charisma, chemistry" -Well what about Subo then -it was ONLY her voice that made people sit up and listern. Cowell has a short memory!!!!

11/05/2012 10:43
And ?? who gives a damm as you have not done anything worth remembering to date and that will be the case for a long time.
11/05/2012 11:20
AND WHAT ????? his claim to fame was sha66ing and marrying the biggest slag in town !!!!

what an accolade !!!!

he spent more time in her dresses than she did !!!!!

haha macho cage fighter !!!!!!!

11/05/2012 10:48
Kerry Katona should look at herself before calling Tulisa, what star quality does Kerry actualy have apart from going on every tv show possible with celebrity wrote infront of it. She needs to remember that she was once in the public eye for doing drugs and is hardlly innocent.
11/05/2012 12:47
Good job it didn't require any thinking or talking then
11/05/2012 15:03
be better of as mrs hanks,s double with all the dress,s you wear tinkerbell.
13/05/2012 17:45
Yea Simon, charisma,chemistry, man boobs, Frankenstein haircut, a love of slappers, and a gullible public.
11/05/2012 11:54
yeah what ever, it`s a joke , just like him
14/05/2012 13:57
He who controls the media controls the news
To get a better view of what is going on look at all news media including Al jaseera, russia today,
the Keizer  report will open your eyes. just remember they are loaded with propaganda so you need to read between the lines and form your own opinions
I believe in free speech and highlighting the things that go unnoticed unreported or just brushed under the carpet If my comments are not censored.  
13/05/2012 22:09
Glad you agree I was beginning to think i was on my own.
This government does preach that peoples misfortune is their own fault.
I do not agree
While some may well be capable of creating a business very few will risk the money if indeed they have any its not easy and those who do make it in  business have to keep going foreword or they will end up broke I once listened to one guy boasting how he put a number of sole traders  out of business in one day because they were able to undercut his much larger company (these people were living from hand to mouth with families to feed and bills to pay) dog eat dog or what? Sorry but i am not that type of business man
 I have owned 2 businesses and started them from very little working capital but even though i could start again i have decided to retire and allow someone else to work for the government
They have got as much tax as i am prepared to pay them
13/05/2012 19:25
Hague: Stop moaning, work harder

Does this qualify for a celebrity quote or just the ruling classes with the whip out?


Hague the conservatives are doing enough to lose themselves the next election without you chipping in.

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