13/04/2012 11:56 | By Colleen Last, contributor, MSN Celebrity
Celebrity quotes of the week, 13 April

Frances Bean Cobain calls for mother's Twitter ban

Francis Bean Cobain and Courtney Love (© Rex)
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And your Gypsy background makes all the difference does it ?

Who gives a flying F@@K...  sorry for the expletive, but this arrogant little no talent, gobby bint annoys the c  r  a  p out you, doesn`t she!!

If she wants to embrace the Gypo culture and crap on nice pieces of countryside and rip off poor OAPs with c  r  a  p shoddy work, why doesn`t she sod off in a caravan! preferably to another country!

can`t stand her!!

13/04/2012 14:58
I very much doubt she is of "gypsy stock". Probably just be cause it is the trendy thing to be.
Hoping for a big fat photoshoot exclusive wedding from hello magazine dear?

13/04/2012 14:43
I don't think peoples dislike of her has much to do with her background. I think people are resentful of her because she is becoming famous on the back of limited talent. Considering there are people who don't like her, mentioning her gypsy background could be a bad career move.
Since when was Cher Lloyd even engaged?? I would LOVE her to be featured on Big Fat Gypsy Weddings!!! Yesss
13/04/2012 13:39
cher no talent scum bag lloyd wants to get married asap. why? so she can get divorced just as quick and get a bit of publicity for her already failing career
13/04/2012 15:26
Another waste of MSN comment space. What a weak-kneed lot you are up in your ivory internet tower. Banning comment on real issues and real news yet allowing dross like this. I am changing my homepage beacause ofyour crass treatment of punters.
13/04/2012 14:33
BIg Fat Gypsy Wedding Celeb Special - Watch this space..............................
13/04/2012 14:38
she is a gobbey little minx she must b proud she is a gipo hope her bloke knows what he is letting him self in 4 poor sod he needs 2 wake up and spell the coffee ha ha
13/04/2012 16:04
Do you know what I find really crazy about your weekly round up of crappy comments from the dregs of celeb land?  The fact that it appears that nobody seems to bother going any further than reading the first slide.
13/04/2012 14:52
anyway if she is a pikey don't they have strict rules about dating and marriage etc?? i doubt if even a pikey family would like to be tarnished with having slag lloyd in the family. it would bring the whole tone of the campsite down.
13/04/2012 13:43
13/04/2012 18:11
Married at 18?  Nah, too much living to do. wait while you get to 20 beofe you even think about it
13/04/2012 15:37

Who is Cher Lloyd and what is she 'famous' for? Has she discovered a cure for cancer?



13/04/2012 15:37
cher lloyd u should not get married when your young it doesnt' sound right
13/04/2012 13:30
13/04/2012 15:42
Poor Fellow, I hope he looks for other alternatives.
13/04/2012 14:48
Why the great news splash just because some bimbo wants to get married and why oh why, do we have to get these supposedly newsworthy quotes from brainless individuals?  Yet more waste of bandwidth by MSN.
13/04/2012 13:55
Jesus all she wants is to be married, theres no need for people to be nasty and racist against her background. Ignorant and uneducated people shouldnt judge what they dont understand
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