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Palace angry over topless photos

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14/09/2012 09:45
Who cares if Rihanna wants to babysit some other loaded persons kid,this aint news,people and kids are getting killed all over the world,if this wasn't so damn sad it would be laughable,i don't suppose she would offer to sit for a child of a struggling one parent family,but then again that wouldn't further her career or get her in the news.So what if your sittin a rich kid!
14/09/2012 09:41
I am shaw she wouldn't of offered this to some poor struggling one parent living on a council estate,its laughable what passes for news nowaday's,damn people are killin each other but never mind Rihanna will offer to babysit some other loaded persons kid......if it wasn't so damn sad it would be laughable!!!
14/09/2012 11:16
So Tulisa whatever she is thinks the other celebrity are fake but her. She is on the fake side of the fake celebrity. To be honest all the "celebrity" are the most miserable people in the face of the universe
15/09/2012 10:07

What's Beckham texting Beiber for???

Make sure he means Football matches, when he says he's playing away Posh.

14/09/2012 10:18
why would we want to know stuff like this? She is a plain looking woman, who sleeps around and thinks she is something special
14/09/2012 13:09
the first thing that comes to mind is its not the baby that needs a sitter its snookie that that needs a sitter hahaha
15/09/2012 16:55
14/09/2012 08:31


Look here Ms. Shore, we all know how one comes by a baby in the natural way of things but to saddle the little blighter with the moniker that all but graphically demonstrates how said progeny came about is, well...

...just plain warped. Of all the stupid names to give a child this one is...

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