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Katie Price’s mother criticises her dress sense

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15/06/2012 13:09

Her mother is spot on.

Women in their thirties have to accept they are no longer eighteen with their boobs hanging out and a skirt half way up their bum.

They can and do dress to look stunning without looking tarty.

 It's a case of elegance rather than `here's me ****, the rest of me will be along in five minutes'.

15/06/2012 12:54

Yes Katie Price has become what the media wanted but she spends far too much time going out to ibiza and messing around and marrying here there and everywhere!  I felt sorry for Peter Andre, but at the same time if Katie wasnt such a bitch his career now wouldnt be as worldly spread as it is - I pity their children the ones caught in the middle who are used as weapons to score cheap points against eachother.  Katie doesnt even look after her children the nanny does while she goes off and tries to grasp what little fans and fame she has left


I think she looks like a hooker.  If she wasnt famous she would be called one too.  She is fake from top to bottom and I dont blame her mum for  disapproving :/


15/06/2012 11:01
fake teeth,fake tan,fake nails, fake inflated chest,fake puffed up lips, infact fake DOLL!!!!
15/06/2012 12:34
On another note, Peter Andre was the best thing that had ever happened to Kate Price, in my opinion, but she blew it big time. 
15/06/2012 11:25

Katie (Jordan) looks like a fairy tale.... GRIMM!


Just remove yourself from our lives and cluttering up web pages and goodness knows what else.

15/06/2012 13:17
Russell Brand, what a joke ! The sword needs to cut off his head, as most people find him rude and revolting ! Knighthood my Ars6 !
A classic example of bioengineering at its worst, a "woman" with no femininity, no care and no love except for money and column inches in any magazine or paper that will stoop to give her such. She is a disgrace to motherhood cheating and treating her children the way she does. A self seeking "plastic doll" who will do anything for publicity and hard cash, she is worse than mutton - she is a burnt out old slapper who doesn't really know or accept that she is past it regardless of the ever increasing botox, inflatable boobs and plastic surgery. Please someone do the world a favour and just shoot her - after a week or two no one will ever remember her name.
15/06/2012 14:11
She does dress like a very cheap prostitute but promotes herself as a mother and business woman? Personally I think she looks awful but, I don't have a problem with her achievements just her constant moaning about how hard her life is. If you want it all then you have to make the effort to make it and then to maintain it. Such a pity that she has made all that money to end up looking so cheap.
15/06/2012 12:11

When Katie was a nobody and just started out as a model with real assets not the stupid fake ones she has now, she was a real looker. Now, as has been said she will do everything and anything for publicity and money nothing is going to far for her. SHe has no morals and no self worth, i hope young women and girls don't look up to her and try to follow in her footsteps. Yes she has made money but something's are worth more than money.

15/06/2012 14:09
Russell Brand.....A Knighthood or the people will revolt????.....Russell....I find you revolt(ing)...Go learn what Shampoo,a razor and a bar of soap is.
15/06/2012 11:57
She ruined her career when she treated Andre like crap, she wont be as succesful ever again even if she tried, i pitty her kids to, just waiting for her to mess up so they go to Andre whi has their best interest. she is just all self.
15/06/2012 11:31
She is mutton.  The worst possible example of getting it wrong!  I feel sorry for her children when they get older and realise that she is a figure of ridicule.  Making money at any "price" (sorry about the pun) is not good.  She needs to stop trying to pander to journalists who couldn't give a stuff that she's being ridiculed.  They don't care about her childrens' feelings or anyone else's as long as they sell newspapers and make money off her.  She should look in the mirror and find some self-respect.  She will end up looking like Stallone's mother - a gargoyle!!
15/06/2012 11:03
Russel Brand is an absolute T-sser.
15/06/2012 10:39

It's just all fake with this girl.

There are loads of beautiful natural women out there that leave this spotty face hag standing.

She's pathetic.

15/06/2012 11:25
Russell Brand needs to wash that hair!! 
15/06/2012 20:28
lets cut out all the crap, if people like plastic and a face that hardly moves, than katie price is for you, But I see far more attractive women in the street with less inflated boobs, remove those boobs and she would deflate and have nothing to offer anyone.
15/06/2012 10:44
Its a dog,ruff ruff.you seen her face without the war paint on??? its ruff,spotty barstool.
15/06/2012 11:56

You Look Like Mutton NO   mutton has some taste   and are usfull


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