16/12/2011 12:26
Celebrity quotes of the week, 16 December

Kardashians dubbed 'talentless'

Kourtney and Kim Kardashian (© PA)
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16/12/2011 15:41
Ok, who is Barbara Walters and why should she give a **** about the Kardashians??? Mow your own lawn love. The Kardashians earn their money by entertaining viewers so good for them! get a life!
16/12/2011 14:37
in answer to someone on line. barbara walters is a sad aged hasbeen of an american so called host. didnt know the old love was still kicking. she is about 1000 years old.
16/12/2011 15:59
who is Barbera walters ? well what they do have is business brains and fair play to them like or dislike they are using what they have been given !!there is a thing called a remote control turn it over if you hate what your watching as or that women perhaps your a tad jealous come on a blind man can see those girls are stunning!!!
16/12/2011 14:56
Is Barbara  Walters not a porn star:-)
16/12/2011 22:10
Ms Walters has missed that these twins can SMILE better then most.
18/12/2011 14:51
The Kardashians aren't the nicest people ever but Barbara Walters should NOT have said that! How stupid she just wants to start a fight! OBVIOUSLY in the celebrity world one of them says something bad about the other . . . and it's celeb war. Has she even met the Kardashians before? She can't say that if she doesn't even know the truth! Eurgh, losers these days. 
16/12/2011 21:08
18/12/2011 20:42
Damned bloody right whoever you are, they are an irritating, useless waste of space, and WHY do they phrase everything like they are asking a question?.................and why do they start every sentence with 'sooooooooooooooo' ? Ugghhhhh, they do my noggin in Angry 
16/12/2011 22:06
I wouldn't watch the Kardashians either,but they obviously have something that
make an awful lot of other people watch them.
Some posters on here have commented on the similarity of names with some
kind of beings on Star Trek.
Well I wouldn't watch that either;it's just for kids.
19/12/2011 15:47

the kardashians do not interest me in anyway. i assume they are boring reality tv crap. please please, get off our tvs ,id much rather watch paint drying then waste my time watching other peoples reality crap. well said barbara walters (whoever you are)

Hey Susan Cowan.................try googling Joe McElderry.its not a blank page. Unlike the Kards he has got talent, and such a lovely person, not a bad bone in his body.
18/12/2011 01:30
The Kardashians really annoy me, especially their American Accent! I just want to..... *SCREAMS* Angry
16/12/2011 14:31
I know how talentless and useless the Kardashians are but who the hell is Barbara Walters?
17/12/2011 00:17
I don't have a clue who these kardashians are(although i gather they are actresses and singers based on barbaras comment)... and I don't know who barbara walters is... although I think she might be a femenist writer based on her comments...


anyway, my opinion is: " who gives a 5hit?"

16/12/2011 17:31
Wee Joe McElderry the future face of disney we were told two years ago ???? Now look at him just about to be dumped by Mr Cowell , he's no more than a glorified support act to those other two W*****s  Jedward.  Has anyone noticed how they have developed fake American accents recently.?  Wee Louis must be playing on the Orish/ American market, oh what talent it's so good or as wee Joe would say " Better still don't Google yourself "  And if you do Joe it will come up simply a blank page...!
19/12/2011 11:34
No need to criticise them, their fame will die out in a few years time when they get old and no plastic surgeries would help.  Meantime, the only way how they're loved is because they're beautiful... its true, i cant deny it. I f without all that beauty, none of them would be loved. What annoys me the most is they get paid more than doctors just because they appear on a tv show and talk about their dull lives, they're not exactly saving a life, are they?!

Well this is the generaiton of lazy wierd people,


these are the kind of human beings, that dont want to work. They just want to stand in front of a camera, and tell you guys that watch this rubbish what they are buying at a shop, or what they are going to do when they get out of bed and then show your there massive house and then this the best bit actually get a wage packet for telling you the suckers who watch this crap.


reality tv, its perfectic crap - all they are doing is gettng paid for telling you what they are going to do, even then they have some one to do all the running around, because these are people who seem to paid just ratings, just like people who charge 1 penny per click for mouse clicks on the internet, or just like job agencies who sell your details online but no job, but still get paid for it or recieve a bonus.


lazy people, they dont really want a job, they just want everything very very very easy and say ohh look at me and what i can do, so what can you do excactaly ?.


celebs just go away please. get a real job, do some hard work for change, because you give the human race a bad name.

17/12/2011 00:34

"You don't have any - forgive me - any talent"


Barbara Walters obviously can't see why the Kardashians pull in the ratings, here's a clue.....if they were butt ugly do you think people would watch them? Smile

16/12/2011 21:06

And i thought the khardasians were the arch enemy of the Enterprise on startrek..!!


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