18/10/2012 17:30 | By Colleen Last, contributor, MSN Celebrity
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Twilight star Kristen Stewart fears she will be murdered

Kristen Stewart (© Reuters)
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19/10/2012 10:09

Knobody forces her to be on Facebook or Twitter and to give out sensitive and personal information.

Get a life Kristen you and your fellow actors are not the centre of the universe.

19/10/2012 10:23
Oh grow up for heaven's sake Kristen!  You're not the bees knees, you're just a flaming actress who has got sights way above her station and lost control!  You're not that good at all, you just love yourself way too much!  Act your damn age for once in your sad little life and stop putting yourself about so much.
19/10/2012 10:37
You are right Kristen; and why? because you have just put the idea into every nutter's head. All you can do now to absolutely make sure is written invites to do the job to a world wide network of mental institutions. Still as it happens you will be able to be most pleased with yourself....a publicity stunt that worked!!!  
19/10/2012 10:23
I think she means somebody will see her and give out her location via their own FB or Twit
19/10/2012 11:26
is this sheer publicity or what? she's asking for trouble by putting ideas into some nutters head. Simple solution get her publicity machine to block her movements being advertised(within reason) and don't personally tell twitter her agenda.
19/10/2012 17:25
seriously get over yourself, yes you have been in films,  sorry but the world does not revolve around you any excuse to get in the media
19/10/2012 11:03
She carries on as if it will be a great loss or a problem if it happens.
19/10/2012 14:11
get over yourself you are at best a mediocre actor with some looks and an extensive publicity  machine  keeping your media profile constantly in the public eye including social network sites which you need in order locking down work because without such gimmicks you would be just another waitress/actor 
19/10/2012 13:12
Maybe she should get out of twitter and facebook! No one is pushing her to be on these networks...
19/10/2012 14:37
Why? Is she that important to be popped off? Methinks she needs to stop being all twilighty/angsty and just get on with whatever it is she's doing.
19/10/2012 12:49
I think she feels threatened because of what happened between her and Robert Patternson. There are some seriously deranged RP fans out there that would probably want to cause her harm and she's aware of this. She should keep a low profile until it's forgotten.  
19/10/2012 12:01
If you go to lunch and don't like what's offered, you have to foot the bill yourself and pay for your own taxi i suppose; other than that try to be a human being for a change rather than a gold digging ****.
19/10/2012 15:25
19/10/2012 10:56
if so called stars gave there address anyway they would be just like me and you I don't hide where I live or where I go just look on the net ask about any star where they live where they have houses and someone always tells you you can't hide sorry to say...I have met a few stars not wanting to kill them or nothing..so best thing to do stars relax and enjoy life and stop being up your own butt with thoughts of being killed nobody only nutters would...
19/10/2012 13:41
Katie WEASEL is a ****. last time the voice was on she was making hypocritical comments about the contestants. she's just fame hungry and a drama queen. x factor's a business who monopolise on talents, then contestants personal lives. Get over yourself katie
19/10/2012 17:02
derr...  give a false location?  how hard can that be?
19/10/2012 14:39
Why? Is she that important to be popped off? She needs to get out of her twilighty/angsty mode and get on with whatever it is she's doing, miserable little trout.
19/10/2012 12:25
Become anonymous then is all I can say. No job is worth losing your life for...
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