20/04/2012 10:45 | By Colleen Last, contributor, MSN Celebrity
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Sharon Osbourne's explanation for Simon Cowell's many flings

Sharon Osbourne and Simon Cowell (© Wire)
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And she suffers from septic mouth syndrome:)
20/04/2012 12:48
There isn't one big enough on earth to fill her mouth!!Smile
20/04/2012 12:17
Dont give this self opinionated knob more publicity , please !!!
there is something that simon cowell wants kept a secret.why else would you buy all your exs a house and give them huge sums of money.he also keeps them all very close.
20/04/2012 12:00
he also has the worst microphone hair known to man
20/04/2012 12:08
What ghastly people the younger generation admire
20/04/2012 12:30

The guy's a joke. He called the bloke who released the Tulisa sex tape a maggott and now he's kissing and telling about danni!

It makes you wonder whether danni and her partner are getting divorced because of this revelation? 

20/04/2012 12:24
She's right in a way , he is a p r i c k !!
20/04/2012 12:55

Says the woman who has big mouth syndrome


20/04/2012 15:41

Sharon,you are a married woman. But tell me how do you know he has this symptom?


20/04/2012 12:17
always thought he was a bit of a pr1ck...
20/04/2012 15:47
What does Sharon Osbourne know about anything, she has only got where she is because of Ozzie's fame, the same for her children, Sharon has got no talent at all except being a bitch.

This is my personal view,
signed    Ivor smalldick myself.

20/04/2012 12:32
Put your own house in order first Sharon people who live in glass houses should'nt throw stones Im no fan of simon's but that is a bit below the belt
20/04/2012 12:37

As a majority of you state, which is rightly so, get a life outside of television. Pick up a book and read, maybe the reason for such low eductaional standards in the country is the crap which TV companies produce.


20/04/2012 13:36

It's amazing then, his penis matches her talent.

20/04/2012 16:36
Well Mrs Osbourne, He was okey when you were making a mint working on Xfactor. Show some Gratitude for gods sake. Look at the smile you give him in the picture above, you are not smiling at him but merely at the thought of how much he can make for you. . I never heard him say anything bad about you He is a better person than you will ever be.
20/04/2012 17:20
Come on you lot at MSN is this really news worthy, please don't insult our intelligence with this nonsense, there are many things happening in the world we should know about, this, is not one of them.
20/04/2012 12:14
The only cool Osborne is Ozzy. I bet he gets fed up with his attention grabbing, stupid, loudmouth family! I know I do!
20/04/2012 16:57

@ Robin Goodman


If Sharon (Shaz the biggest chav on telly) tells it like it is, how does she know that Simon has a small penis? Did she take a peek? lol


Everything that comes out of her mouth is nasty, obnoxious and disgusting , horrible character, vile, I despise the woman!


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