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Paris Hilton apologises for anti-gay remarks

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21/09/2012 11:19
Gaynor, what planet are you on?? Gay or straight, we are all people. Good and bad, and inbetween. Being gay does not make you into a super being. And To the rest, there are just as many people born into poverty who are ignorant and self centred.

Isnt it strange that you can like or dislike a heterosexual person, even be quite rude about their appearance or manners but anything said about a homosexual person no matter what it is is off limits! Does being Gay mean being that sensitive or is it perhaps you are not quite comfortable with what you are! If it is that natural as gays suggest then shrug it off the way we heterosexuals have to do when we are being insulted.

As for Paris Hilton, well its no good calling her stupid because she has made a lot of money over the years doing nothing but being 'famous'. Now I work hard and get a fraction of what she does, and I mean her appearance money, not her inheritence, so she must be must be much cleverer than most of us and we must be stupid to buy the magazines that promote 'celebrity'! 

21/09/2012 11:17

Paris Hilton is a spoiled little girl. She doesnt know what life is all about, she was born into riches and given everything to her on a silver platter. She doesnt care who she upsets, offends or hurts because people like her have no concept of emotions other than their own wants and needs. The only reason why she has apologised is to stop the world from hating more than they already do. I wish she would just scutter away to her little palace and stay there.... The operative word being scutter.

Just the sight of that spoiled woman makes me sick.

21/09/2012 17:42
And who wrote your bible?? Lots of different people over many many years, who were paid to do a job. So many different opinions, translations and human error. So your argument or lack of, makes no sense John.
john reynolds......your a very angry little man....are you a troll by anychance?
21/09/2012 11:56
Why do so few demand so much attention? 
I wonder if Gaga's fuller figure is down to hitting the bong too much and heading down to the 24hr garage for a truck-load of Ginsters' products?
21/09/2012 17:28
I don't get why Kelly Osbourne is trying to slate Lady Gaga for being pregnant about her weight when people used to bully her alot for her own weight. She needs taking down a peg or two.
Christopher Williams, was outraged at what Paris, said about gays, and he threatened never to buy another one of her records. Williams, told me he had seen Paris, at Anfield when he was watching his football team : The Young Boys, play in the week at Anfield.
21/09/2012 10:42
A spiritual experience? No, she just got smashed in a "coffee" shop.
jumped up little s##t she needs a good slap and many of them why cant the slag just f##k off outof every ones life
sorry she does not know what the word means and i imagine she cannot even spell it she is a jumped up little cow who should of got a good many slaps when she was growing up why wont she just f##k of out of everyones sight
21/09/2012 10:45
Paris Hilton , if you were my child , i would smack your legs and stop your comics for a week ! Clearly not enough of this was done when you were a child , or you would not have grown into the spoilt little  tantrum throwing , inappropriate madam you are ! I happen to know that gay men and women , make some of the best freinds , anyone could have , they bring so many attributes with them as individuals , they are creative, fun loving, vibrant, caring, sensitive emotional , dedicated , resourceful and loyal , something , it would appear you are not , despite the hoards of adoring gay followers who have been loyal to you ! If i was gay , i would turn my back on you Paris , as you have shown yourself unworthy of your following ! They being the people they are , will probably forgive you , I personally would not , because of the priveledged position you hold , you have a duty to all of the younger generation , to be seen to be accepting and tolerant of all ways of life , love and gender and in order to do this and set a better example , " gay bashing and gay insults " isn't the way to go . My advice to you , dedicate some time and serious energy , into some real local gay people , who you will find helping out in any community project , across the borough and see , why you should sing their praises , not stab them in the back !!!   
gaynor sheldon go play with the traffic you f#####g hypocrite
Well if she is pregnant what the hell is she smoking cannabis and drinking great role model (not) just a dirty old cow
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