23/02/2012 18:10 | By Colleen Last, Contributor, MSN Music
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Emma Watson is growing up

Emma Watson is growing up (© pa/ap/itv)
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24/02/2012 13:35
Adele - you are beautiful - you are what a woman should be - curvaceous! don't let them change you - always be yourself and try not to let them make you stoop to their levels of no respect! Reign supreme girl! - you deserve it for your hard work and self belief - don't let the media change that - Look what happened to Kate Winslett - she sent out the right message in Titanic - curvy and gorgeous - now I don't recognise her anymore which is pretty sad...

24/02/2012 15:11
Are you off your head Stephanie. Are you saying that all women should be unhealthily fat? Im all for the curves but you are deluded if you think Adele has the perfect body.
24/02/2012 14:14
It is time for Adele to go the way of Joss Stone and Duffy.
24/02/2012 16:19
What happened to Duffy. If people had any taste she would be far more famous. One of the best musical talents to appear in the last 20 years. Far and away better than the musical fluff that keeps being aclaimed on talent shows.
24/02/2012 15:06
Is this because Adele is a beautiful young woman with a soulful voice and a lot of talent.
24/02/2012 17:03
Whatever happened to Leona Lewis, she had class, humility and an amazing voice...knocks spots off Adele!! 
24/02/2012 16:15

@mark clyne


You are exactly what is wrong with the world.  Adele is not "unhealthily fat", she has curves.  And all girls should be brought up to know that that is what a REAL woman is, not pushed and shoved and bullied into believing that anything over a size 8 or 10 is "unhealthily fat"


You disgust me.

Her two brain cells must have functioned together for this outburst of poo!!!!
24/02/2012 18:00
Maybe if Adele didn't have such a horrible accent she wouldn't have had her speech cut short.
24/02/2012 20:02
jennifer aniston bores the hell out of me. literally

Are these people realy worthy of comment ???? I think not.


24/02/2012 17:21
Let's face it, Adele does like a pie now and again, in fact so much so, there's usually none left for anyone else. Come on, in a world were obesity is such a major healthcare concern, our celebrities should be setting a better example.
24/02/2012 18:50
She's not even that fat! She's a little overweight. Got **** all to do with you lot especially you Daniela
24/02/2012 15:09
 J R Tommy  Hey Tommy - what happended to Joss Stone and Duffy??
24/02/2012 16:36
But I don't like Adele either. AYE!
24/02/2012 21:52

Am I on a different Planet?  What are you all talking about?  These comments are reading like you are all on LSD.

Is Jennifer a great actress...NO,  Do we enjoy her 3rd rate fims....NO.  Is she embarresed that she has fallen for a guy who looks like a Tramp...NO....end of story.

24/02/2012 19:03
You know, Marie, I love the UK because you have such an elastic concept of "curves" and "overweight"! In my country Adele would not just be a little overweight, she would be morbidly obese, while I would be overweight (yes, size 12 would be considered overweight), and I am sure that now I someone will say "go back to your Country". But what I appreciate in this country is in fact that people can be anything, as long as they are comfortable in their own skin. What I don't appreciate, is that there is a tendency towards hypocrisy, so that one cannot express freely. These are opininions, and I am saying that maybe both mine and this country are a little delusional. In Italy women think they should all be a size 6 to be beautiful, in the UK, well... there's no size limit!
24/02/2012 20:17
re.stephanani richards, adele is not curvaceous she is over weight which is not good for her in the long run .will give her health issues later in life i.e. diabetes !!
24/02/2012 20:12

well said gillian morris ,a lot of these people would not recognise a class singer any way. Could not imagine Leona giving the crowd the finger & why would this adele bird want to give another long rambling speech , unless she had forgotten to thank the milkman as well as every one else.


There, that should give the Leona Lewis bashers some thing to rant about eh.

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