25/10/2012 17:15 | By Colleen Last, contributor, MSN Celebrity
Celebrity quotes of the week, 26 October

Cheryl Cole admires photos of Kate Middleton’s breasts

Cheryl Cole and Pippa Middleton (© Rex)
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26/10/2012 12:22
This just proves the manic obsession MSN have with the talentess foul mouthed chav Cheryl Tweedy I'm sure Kate Middleton is horrified at Tweedy making comments about her and why is anybody else interested in this. You MSN just print ridiculous stories involving the tramp Tweedy and make your site look completely foolish why on earth do you pay your juvenile reporters to print this total rubbish. 
26/10/2012 12:17
Why is it whenever some talentless so called celebrity makes a comment on something trivial like this, everyone in the media has to hang on to it as though it was some great pearl of wisdom. Anything that the over exposed Cheryl Cole says is now taken as some great news story instead of the dull rubbish it really is.
26/10/2012 12:13
Who actually cares what Cheryl Cole thinks of anything. Why is it in the media that every so called celebrity is thought to have something interesting to say when usually it is so boring.
26/10/2012 11:21

yeah unike you Ms Tweedy.

hers are real and not fake like most of you.


26/10/2012 12:30
MSN are all your reporters about Eight years old for they keep reporting these childish articles on comments made by the talentless foul mouthed tramp Cheryl Tweedy it really is time you told them to grow up or stop their sweetie allowance.
26/10/2012 11:53
Yeah, she's got a Brain as well, unlike you ms Cole !!!
26/10/2012 12:44
Orange Tweedy needs to crawl back under another footballer or racially abuse toilet attendants and beat them up....again, because that ugly rat -faced tramp has nothing of importance to say.
26/10/2012 11:45

with all your money: Cheryl Cole: get some decent clothes instead of walking half naked!!!!!! 

 does it you not any good????

26/10/2012 11:47
sorry cheryls not the smart person to comment on a person with higher standard then her namely a cole for a start
26/10/2012 12:15
Now we know why Ashley did a runner, good on ya mate, boy did you have a narrow escape from the Brain of Britain!!
26/10/2012 12:48
Katie Price used to be a page 3 star fair enough she didn't know she was going to have children and that was her choice, but the way she acts now seeing as she has children is disgusting. Her outfits are embarrassing, the way she shows her cleavage is embarrassing, and her children are going to get bullied at school because of her. Imagion her son sitting in class and people saying they fancy his mother.
26/10/2012 17:48
what right as this jumped up tart got to comment on royalty she is a nobody and should get back to her council estate
Yea and by the looks of your s they have fallen out with each other
26/10/2012 14:09

Just goes to show what a bunch of foul mouthed, useless nonentities these people are!

Love the tweet from Katies Price, totally at odds to the press interview with the guy who was the one who dumped her as she was crazy.  Yet another female "celeb" who gets on by parting her thighs!

26/10/2012 17:41
she needs to look at her self at least she dosent copy anybody .if it wast for simon she wouldt be where she is .i think we cud all do with a break from mrs cole and her voice .
26/10/2012 15:12



RIGHT .........RIGHT WAY KID !!!!!!!!!



26/10/2012 18:46
What a stupid idiotic thing to say but I'm not surprised about anything that this trollop says or does as she will say or do absolutely ANYTHING to get media attention. She is a self opinionated, big mouthed, conceited, publicity seeking trollop and the ONLY thing that she has going for her is her looks and she has bought most of them. She even thanked her dentist for her smile once, but again this was just to get publicity as she knew that MSN would print her comment. She should crawl back into the hole that she has crawled out of, and somebody should fill it in so that she can't get back out again. She isn't worthy of commenting on Kate, so keep your fat gob shut in future and go away and die.  
26/10/2012 18:23
You can always count on our Cheryl to show how classy she really is!
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