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Lady Gaga defends weight gain

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28/09/2012 02:54
so what she gained bit of weight she was too skinny before and she still looks gud 
28/09/2012 01:16
Lady GaGa looks Totally Great as she is!!!! So why criticise the way she looks??? 
28/09/2012 02:33
I think she looks more attractive with a bit of weight on. As long as she makes music, I will continue to buy it (legally) and I am very sure she will enjoy a long career in the music industry just like Madge. <3
28/09/2012 10:19

Is the picture above before or after gaining weight?


If it's before, she needed to gain a few pounds to be healthy.

If it was after, dear god that woman must have been skinny.


I can see ribs. The only time I like seeing ribs is when there is bbq sauce and chips with it.

28/09/2012 13:22
wish people would stop having hang ups about weight and size be who you are and support lady gagaa be proud of yourself at any size 
28/09/2012 11:36
Lady Gaga may wear her outfits and be called an attention seeker, but she's a great singer she worked hard for it all the nights she sang in Jazz clubs in New York. And so what if she's put a bit of weight on, why would she care. 
28/09/2012 03:32

 books by their cover? cast your mind back to the look on everybody's face when susan boyle sang for the first time on national tv.. shallow hal's are not just judging the opposite sex 

28/09/2012 07:51
the girl looks great, better than skin n bones. Ladies need a little weight. skeletons dont look feminine to me.
28/09/2012 10:17

for crying out loud - she is TINY!!

if that is fat then the world is in a terrible state cos she is nowhere near overweight in fact she needs to gain a few in my opinion - good heavens - she smoked a joint and had a munch and suddenly she is fat? this is even stupider than nick cleggs 50k rich tax! Size - gaga what size??? you have no size but are a pretty good singer despite the OTT presentation - for gods sake eat some steak and kidney pie and do some scales and get on with it - sheesh!!!

28/09/2012 10:26
Some call it sexy , me I prefer my women , women shaped not like tall 7 year olds but thats just me.
Not been a fan of hers but now she looks like a real woman not a beanpole.
28/09/2012 04:35
Don't mind shes put a bit of weight on. Hope she doesn't lose it because of critics (if it's her choice, so be it) She's not exactly a big woman, even with the extra weight. I'm a big guy myself, The guy who went on the almighty rant regarding it has a point regarding people and food.. I've changed my diet and started using the gym. My problem was procrastination, "I'll do it tomorrow.. Ohh I'll start next week, I've got this n that this week" - In the end I happened to kinda get roped into it by a friend, purposefully signed up for a year (Losing money if I don't go) and am losing weight rather easily. It's not difficult really, it takes a little effort yes, but not difficult.
28/09/2012 13:14
Yes! Well done Gaga.  Who are those critics telling any women about their appearance causing mental and physical damage to vast majority of women and men especially young ones?  Haven't the society  got enough problem with bulimia, zero 0 proud women not realizing they scare anyone around them, creating low self-esteem in young generation, old one too or by criticizing others pushing them into vicious circle of obesity? Criticism should be pointing at some weakness or fault, making the person to acknowledge a problem and reevaluate it. A good criticism should points to better solutions or directions as well but they are rare. Rest of them are just hiding behind biting and shredding other people lives so they are not bitten themselves or finger pointed at.  Unfortunately, this self-feeding beautiful appearance society frenzy  ( beautiful is attractive = buy it or be the same) is what moves money , therefore the society. It is also unfortunate that on our attractiveness depends provision of a lot of things starting with a choice of a partner. However, a self-confident woman is more attractive and admirable than a depending whimpering beauty.
I like your message and all women should follow it.

28/09/2012 04:01

So proud of you, that you are an individual who does not have the sheep sign on your forehead - way to go LADY  GAGA- we are who we are without having to be stcik thin, and I am not a heavy set woman, but I commend your statement.


28/09/2012 10:39
"I had too many boys too soon.I regret losing my innocence so early".  Yet she feels the need to peddle her regret in such a public way and still courts a pseudo gansta lifestyle.   This girl is really full of contradictions, so much so it must be hard for her to know who she is.  The people managing her are struggling to slot her in somewhere in order to maintain the cash coming in for as long as possible.  I suspect this release for the media (seen in the Sun as an exclusive) is not the voice of regret but part of the "bad" image to perpetuate the wonky image.  Certainly not a good role model, since the riots such artists have struggled to maintain their status in the celebrity world.
28/09/2012 10:18
Women are like sheep following so called celebs to get an unsustainable figure which they have to starve or become a coke addict for.  Stand up for yourselves and enjoy your life , you only get one and it it all too short.
why can,t people just mind there own business and leave the girl alone, her size whatever it is, is actually her business, and noone elses shes great wharever she does .good entertainer and she has my vote .
28/09/2012 11:34
lady gaga look`s good don`t know what everyone`s problem is she was to slim before it`s good for youngsters to see curvy people instead of size 0 as they try to copy models e.c.t bout time we had size12 onwards as kids try to compete all the time think about it!!!!!!!!!!!!
28/09/2012 10:29

you look better now than when you were too skinny, let other young girls be inspired by that!!!!! there is too much pressure on youngsters to be thin there is nothing wrong with having a few curves!!!!

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