03/02/2012 12:10 | By Colleen Last, contributor, MSN Celebrity
Celebrity quotes of the week, 3 February

Daniel Radcliffe reveals just how dedicated his fans are

Daniel Radcliffe (© PA)
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03/02/2012 17:06
03/02/2012 15:28

I can't help but laugh at Nicki Minaj claims to royalty in a past life - a quote from Wonderland Magazine - how apt!


03/02/2012 15:03
MSN.............what does this woman posses ???.............can you tell all the nation & me ?
03/02/2012 22:43

Cheryl Cole needs to get a grip on reality shes becoming the perfect example of the abused becomes the abuser. As far as I’m concerned single people have fun in the bedroom department, Cheryl Cole isn’t a Nun and she certainly isn’t whiter than white, so when denial kicks in Cheryl!!! you’re the one imagining excuses. Grow up and act your age Cheryl rather than acting like a teenager what’s always on the re-bounce and denying all knowledge of incidents what have occurred  lol

03/02/2012 21:06
sos.nicki minaj   { stupid old slapper }
03/02/2012 18:46
03/02/2012 16:21
04/02/2012 00:23
03/02/2012 21:02
For crying out loud... I wouldn't trust anyone who I don't know of. He should be careful, not everything what it seems happens to be like it.
03/02/2012 23:31

Race/colour shouldn’t come into the equation however culture and education could be Cheryl Cole’s lack of judgement

03/02/2012 23:24
It's Cheryls fault she keeps ending up with these blacks. What's that about.
03/02/2012 23:35

This leads to a diplomatic point of view that ethnic minoritys don’t receive the same education and work opportunity’s as us white folks. I’ve often asked the question why? It’s because certain cultures congregate rather than integrate into society, they are their own down fall

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