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Cheryl Cole criticises Louis Walsh

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06/04/2012 04:58
Cheryl Cole was used as another puppet entertainer for the proletariat addicted to the television, music and fashion to be entertained by (entertainment aka distraction from taking control of ones life). She wanted fame, fortune and all that goes with it and she got it for a while. Its obvious Louis Walsh knew she was easy and he made his money from using all those girls. But, the freemason Simon Cowell was the one who really used her to gain publicity in the UK for the X Factor USA. He was key in her downfall. The US public didn't know her, couldn't understand her, didn't want her, and everyone knew it. It was obvious she would be dropped for a known US celebrity. The satanic Hollywood, Music and Fashion industries are worldwide and built up Cheryl Cole so high in the UK, as they have many other weak willed individuals like Katie Price as a role model for our children before dropping her. I really wish the silly fools who queue up to sing, dance and clap their hands for a panel of morons like Piers Morgan, Simon Cowell and the rest of the "moneyed" ilk who ridicule them for their own entertainment and profit would stop seeking the easy way out. But, seriously I hope Cheryl now realises she was used as a publicity stunt. I don't think it was really her fault, she didn't really know what she was getting into and trusted Simon Cowell, even know he also has his own handlers who also tell him what to do. Cheryl, stop begging to get another 15 minutes! Give it up take whatever money you have, do some good with it and maybe you will regain some of the soul you sold...
06/04/2012 11:24
Cheryl should heed her own advice: .... be careful who you kick on your way up, because they will kick you twice as hard on the way down. Something to that effect. 

She should be careful who she bad mouths; Louis has connections in the music industry and could see her self blacklisted.  
06/04/2012 11:48

tweedy has some nerve...she has no talent and her songs mask her lack of singing skills.nadine coyle had to sing the lions share in almost every girls aloud song that required some genuine singing-the rest are karoke singers.

and the amount of poly-grip ultra they all wear on their faces is terrible-the ginger minger iam lookn at u.i liked them better when they werent tarted up.


It's not enough that all these people are the centre of their own world, they want to be the centre of ours as well.

Whoever reads, or takes an interest in, the vaccuous ramblings of, so called, personalities, I strongly suggest that they should get a life of their own.

I do miss Minnie Cauldwell, Martha Longhurst and Ena Sharples though. Now they could gossip. 

06/04/2012 13:27
If you look at early pictures of groups like Girls Aloud, Spice Girls etc, they look so much better, happier and far more vibrant then than they do after a couple of years in the music business. When will these idiots in the music industry learn that skin and bones isn't a good look? Did that look shoot them to fame in the first place? No it didn't and it sets a bad example to younger girls who try to be like them. Louis Walsh should retire from the music industry as he clearly hasn't a clue.  His ideas are dated and if he thinks Jedward are talented, then clearly he is losing touch. 
Louis isn't quite the jerk that people think he is. He knows a bit about the pop industry but he has no stage presence.  He'd be better off behind the scenes. As for Jedward - of course he knows they are talentless, but he knows enough to spot a gift horse when he sees one. Let's face it, Jedward ARE still around, popping up on our screens - irritating but still in demand !! 
WinkCheryl's problem started when she began to believe in her own publicity.  The old "Don't You Know Who I Am?" syndrome.  Unfortunately, she hasn't twigged that Louis, Simon Cowell and the other Music Moguls will still be using the wannabees and making money, long after 
people are saying "Cheryl ? Cheryl who?"

06/04/2012 00:38




06/04/2012 00:48
cheryl doing all she can to get back on top she;s trying too hard, no one missed her when she was dropped by Simon. She must know there are many more beautiful girl waiting in the wings with TALENT and not just a pretty face. She must stop putting half naked pics in the papers, we just need Talent and someone who can sing
06/04/2012 00:24
"he just took a cheque..." hmm... sounds suspiciously familiar!
I am not a fan of Louis or Cheryl. I think their behaviour is pretty childish, b*tching, back stabbing and no loyalties to anyone. I am glad she is not my friend. Interestingly enough, I don't recall Cheryl badmouthing Simon, despite her previously well documented X-factor rejection in the U.S. Maybe its something to do with the millions of pounds she has pocketed thanks to him! Well, if she aint a little money grabbing no talent, then i;ll eat my hat.
If Louis did say they should lose weight, then I am a little disappointed, so maybe Cheryl is warranted in having a little dig at him, but it sounds like Cheryl is a bit of a vindictive women with some bitterness and ego problems. Maybe she should just stick to modelling and not worry her pretty head over the important stuff. 
P.S. I won't be buying your CD Cheryl. x
06/04/2012 09:50

Well said, Mark.

Just when you though it was safe, Cole is back in the headlines.  The real reason she became so famous was based on her looks and the fact she married a premiership footballer which she relentlessly publicised in celebrity magazines, tapes and a lottery ad. She was also in the headlines for being convicted of beating an innocent woman - an act for which she refused to apologise.  To make remarks such as these are untrue and undignified - just what I would expect from her.  If you are in the public eye and your fans are young, you should lead by example - and I don't mean violence or bad-mouthing people.  She has a massive sense of entitlement (which is prevalent in a lot of people these days) but she has very few skills or talent - something she should work on before she becomes bitter - because that looks as though it is starting to happen.

louis walsh was completely wrong about the girls none of them needed to lose weight, it is idiots like him with comments like that that cause girls to finish up as anorexics. remember the great Karen Carpenter that was because some idiot made a comment about her weight
06/04/2012 11:05
@  Martin watt......Difference is Alison Moyet has more talent in her little finger than this collection     of barbie doll wannabes, He might have made a few quid!
She has done herself no favours by trying to damage Louis Walsh reputation, I don't think that even Simon Cowell will now entertain her. She is a has been and should now realize that her career is over, had she kept her mouth shut perhaps she could have revived it but alas she has not got the intelligence to do that.
06/04/2012 09:40
Sounds like the old sour grapes from a talentless, chav air head who wants to be famous for famous sake. Get over it Ms Cole. Louis Walsh is a businessman who gave some upstarts a chance of being in the public spotlight. He is not a charity. He does not run the Cheryl Cole fan club and he is not putting someone else's bank balance before his own. Many young women want to be in a girl band and there's thousands of such groups up and down the country. Unless you are talented like the girls in the one time Abba, the Corrs and suchlike you have a short shelf life. 
06/04/2012 01:59

Maybe Louis just seen them for the talentless airheads that they really are and felt somewhat embarrassed for inflicting them on the public while knowing full well they were merely a novelty act for teenie bops and that these teenie bops would eventually grow up, and out, of a bubblegum group and that they wouldn't ultimately last.

And he was right wasn't he?

Funny how the rest of his groups never got the same indifferent treatment.....

06/04/2012 11:16
get back under your rock tweedy-we've had enough of you-you sickening talentless wannabe chav.Devil
06/04/2012 13:17
Further proof that Louis Walsh is a clueless idiot.  
06/04/2012 07:12
06/04/2012 11:47
at least lois wouldnt sell his pants on ebay!
06/04/2012 17:48
i think it makes cheryl look very sad the fact that she has kept her name cole :-/
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