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09/03/2012 13:12

I'm not a royalist but kate and william were made for each other they married for love not like other royal couples I could mention Red heart

09/03/2012 13:34
They are really made for each other. May they go from strength to strength. Hope Prince William comes home safely to his wife & family. We wish them All the Best!!
Bless them both. I wish him safety and her happiness with thehuge task she's undertaken.
09/03/2012 18:04

KATE like  DIANE is a beautiful English Rose who is currently being groomed by the Queen

to become the next Queen of the United Kingdom;an excellent lady who has won many hearts

by her relaxed and dignified attitude when meeting the people.

William as a RAF Helicopter pilot has as much chance of being killed as any other service personnel,

He is serving his country and we should be proud that he is doing so.

They are a lovely couple who deserve happiness,and I wish for them a long and happy life together.

09/03/2012 14:17

William and Kate are without doubt a couple who married for love;it shows in Kate's face.

Of course she is missing him,what would one expect from a recently married couple.

I feel that the Queen is grooming Kate to be the next Queen,she (Kate) is so much like

William's mother and will like Diane bring the monarchy into the 21st century.

May GOD Bless you both and grant you a long and happy marriage.

09/03/2012 13:33
God bless the Queen and all her family.
09/03/2012 18:28
Ronaldo and AlanThumbs up this young lady is willingly being groomed for one of the most important  influential jobs in the world; a job which will be for the duration. Her and her husband are the future British monarchy after Charles. If they do half as good a job as Elizabeth, we should be grateful.  Respect please.
09/03/2012 15:16
I'm not a royalist, but these two look really happy together and I hope they stay that way. To others on here who are making mean comments - nobody asks to be born 'royal' and if you are born into such a family your life is not your own.
09/03/2012 17:50
what the hell have revolting z list celebs got to do with this subject?... i wish our royal family and forces members well, they are all doing a great job in their own way, and harry and william are doing a real and useful job, the plastic price and co should not be mentioned on the same pageSarcastic
09/03/2012 18:25
It's about time the Royals were allowed to show some emotion.  The Queen is the head of state, that's why she's important - so are her heirs, as in time they'll be head of state.  I am not a Royalist, but I think it probably better to have them, then for this country to be a republic.  They do bring in business to the country too - so don't say they are totally useless - they're not.
09/03/2012 17:06
Its nice to see a royal couple who haven't just been forced into a loveless marriage, they long for each other and they give each other space, their relationship is built on a strong foundation of love and when he returns they will know for sure that absence can only have made their hearts grow stronger.

As with reference to the caption, 'In a rare display of emotion'.....MSN stop treating Kate as if she isn't human, she always shows emotion be it forced or real in public, she's not a marionette!

09/03/2012 17:05
Kate is a star,an english beauty. So natural,a lot like princess  Diana .she will make a fantastic queen.
09/03/2012 17:49
Just goes to show how normal she is.
09/03/2012 19:43
Respect for our Royal Family please,some of the stupid comments on here,get a life!!
09/03/2012 15:23
of course she is missing him. unlike charles with di who was knocking camilla off at the same time !!
09/03/2012 17:18
I am sure service wives will all understand what she is going through.  Of course, let's not forget all those oilfield wives whose husbands disappears at a moments notice, for unspecified times and return just as suddenly. 
09/03/2012 14:34
Can,t believe the negative comments
09/03/2012 16:52

I'm not a Royalist. I don't care if they exist or not. But, I'm willing to accept that others do.

Why can't we allow two young people to miss each other?

Do we really think that they are so unlike the rest of us!

Let them miss each other, love each other.

Life is too short.

We all fall in the Autumn.


09/03/2012 16:19
princess diana should be left to rest in peace she was a wonderful woman mother to her boys an a gd wife an such an amazing woman who is anyone to moan bout her u should be ashamed of urselves
09/03/2012 16:10
i honestly don,t think diane would have been unfaithful for one minute if charles had been the man she thought he was .but please don,t put her in same category as fergie lets not go there .and yes the queen and philip owe it to diane,s son,s for the hell diane went through .
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